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Artificial Intelligence: A Gateway to Enhanced Healthcare

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you are reminded of your medications by a virtual assisting nurse or the virtual assistant, a helper aiding you in your daily routine? Today, this is easily achieved by implementing AI and robotics. While AI is booming across various industries, in healthcare, its huge impact promises to be genuinely life-transforming. Right from clinical research to hospital care, insurance and drug development, healthcare is undergoing a paradigm shift with AI and has evolved to reduce expenditure and improving patient outcomes.

One of AI’s biggest potential benefits is to assist people stay healthy so they don’t need a doctor, not at least as often as they might be visiting already. Technology applications and apps not only encourage healthier behavior in individuals but put consumers in control of own well-being.

With AI, the healthcare professionals are gaining a deep understanding of the day-to-day patterns and needs of the people at the tip of their fingers, which in turn provides better feedback, guidance, and support for staying healthy. This advanced technology is already being used to detect major diseases, like cancer, more precisely and that too, in the early stages. Adding to this/Additionally, the implementation of AI is enabling review and translation of mammograms with over thirty times faster with 99% accuracy, hence reducing the need for biopsies.

The advancement doesn’t stop here. The medical devices and consumer wearable with the AI touch can be used to manage an early-stage heart disease allowing doctors to monitor and rectify potentially life-threatening diseases at an early stage.

By observing the whole scenario, there is no doubt, that AI holds huge potential to transform end of life care. Thus, it helps others remain independent for longer without the need for hospitalization. AI combined with the advancements in humanoid design are enabling robots to cross the borders of ‘communications’ and other social interactions with people to keep the old minds sharp.



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