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PatientClick: Delivering Enhanced Care at a ‘Click’

Ashish Mehta | CEO | PatientClick, Inc | Insights Care

With a vision to make healthcare access affordable for all, a fast-growing company – PatientClick, Inc. is making its mark on the healthcare landscape. It is offering an innovative, all-in-one, online electronic health record (EHR) and practice management platform, as well as, telemedicine solutions, that are designed and built specifically for physicians and multi-specialty medical clinics. As the name suggests, the company is helping meet patients’ needs – just at the click of their fingers.

PatientClick’s EHR solution is Meaningful Use Stage 2 Complete and Meaningful Use Stage 3 Modular certified. The company provides the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, with no costly hardware to install, and with a minimal amount of time required to it get up and running. Its specialty-specific EHR software service covers more than 30 medical specialties, and can be customized to fit the individual needs and workflow of any physician’s office. The technology also allows patients to connect with their provider anytime, anywhere, on any device such as iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Evolving Over the Years

PatientClick started in 2007-2008, as a medical record management company for multispecialty clinics using software for document management and EHR. With the advancement in medical technology, the leadership team at PatientClick became committed to dedicating their time and resources to develop an easy-to-use EHR platform, which is cost effective and compliant. Further, to keep costs under control for medical office management, the team integrated a practice management solution with features like scheduling, electronic claims creation, submission, and automation of 835/837 messages. Realizing that patient is the most important part of value chain in Healthcare IT, team PatientClick then launched a secure patient portal in 2014.

The Holistic Solution

PatientClick’s solution is a truly cloud-based solution, accessible on PC or Mac with native iPad/iPhone and Android apps available. This accessibility has helped to reduce the inconvenience of traveling for patients and medical professionals. Also enabled for convenience are electronic prescriptions, including controlled substance prescriptions used mostly by mental health professionals. And then key features of the PatientClick Telemedicine platform include options such as Scribe Interface, Quick Telemedicine Medical Record, Chat Notes, integrated EHR, and Practice Management system.

Physicians may continue to use their existing EMR or EHR and still be able to provide medical care to remote patients using the PatientClick Telemedicine Solution. The solution offers a standalone telemedicine solution with a store and forward option. Furthermore, the solution allows physicians to reconcile multiple HL7 messages and CDA files to get a complete picture about the patient’s condition.

The PatientClick solution automates routine tasks such as patient appointment reminders, running eligibility checks prior to appointments, keeping track of recurring appointments and authorizations, and so on. It has saved countless hours for office staffs and ultimately brought the overall cost down and increased efficiency.

Due to the state-of-the-art services that it provides, PatientClick has been featured as Top 10 EHR, Telemedicine service provider in the country multiple times.

An invigorating frontrunner

Ashish Mehta is the CEO of Patientclick. Inc., a web-based all-in-one Telemedicine, EHR/EMR, and practice management platform. He has Bachelors in Engineering with a Master’s in Business Administration. Ashish has around two decades of experience in Healthcare IT. He has served in a variety of sectors such as healthcare, renewable energy, information technology, and business consultation. He has founded multiple businesses, becoming a first-mover in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. When he started PatientClick, his main goal was to provide integrated solutions incorporating EMR/EHR and practice management. Then telemedicine was integrated to help physician’s offices go beyond geographical boundaries.

Ashish has received several awards for his contribution to the community, including the 2014 Healthcare Champion “Executive of the Year” from a renowned business journal. He has been featured multiple times in several leading newspapers. Ashish has served as the Ambassador for World Trade Center in Cleveland.  He is currently a board member and teaches as an adjunct faculty for MBA program at Alliant International University, San Diego, CA.

Idiosyncratic Qualities

The revolutionary and innovative SaaS solution, introduced by the CEO, has been helping healthcare organizations provide the highest quality of care in the country for the past decade. Alongside, PatientClick has been expanding its services to serve many specialities.  PatientClick, Inc. has been able to quickly scale and supply to the demand of healthcare organizations that were in need of reliable software by adding an integrated Telemedicine solution to their existing platform.

Team PatientClick constantly invests in innovation and developing strategic partnerships with other companies who provide supportive services to its clients. The technology is moving fast and so is PatientClick. The company’s telemedicine software has Artificial Intelligence (AI) built-in to the platform allowing providers to make better-informed decisions based on overall information about a patient, from a clinical as well as from a medical perspective. The company believes that AI will have a significant impact on preventive care.

What’s in Store for the Near Future?

PatientClick was recently named as “The Gold Standard in Telemedicine Business” and it is poised to continue working hard to maintain the ‘Gold Standard’ in EHR, Practice Management, and Telemedicine. The company has just launched a program for multispecialty clinics and urgent care facilities to connect with the patients using telemedicine. The program offers special incentive and cost savings on converting legacy EHR system to PatientClick’s all-in-one solution. Moreover, if a clinic chooses to continue with the current EHR, PatientClick can offer front-end telemedicine technology for such a facility which can securely communicate with their existing EHR.



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