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Synct: A Pioneer in Asynchronous Telemedicine

Dr. Tom R. McDougal | CEO | SYNCT | Insights Care

A renowned and distinctive player in the healthcare domain, Synct is a one-stop shop for an overall effective digital presence for all the providers’ and patients’ virtual care needs. The company is spearheading with a goal to make Medical Care now Office Optional.

Synct specializes in providing support to providers including asynchronous telemedicine, video conferencing, website development, branding, e-commerce, and email support services. As  Synct offers robust and diverse solutions, clients can select the solutions that meet their needs precisely. Moreover, the company is fully customizable to the brand of clients.

About the Perceptive Leader

Dr. Tom R. McDougal is the dynamic CEO and Founder of Synct. Prior to founding Synct, he had served as the CEO of five different hospitals within the outstanding healthcare systems of Community Health Systems, Palmetto Health Alliance, and UAB Health System. McDougal holds a Doctorate degree in Health Services Administration along with the MSHA and MBA degrees, all from UAB. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the renowned Brock School of Business at Samford University, where he served as an Adjunct Faculty professor.

McDougal is the key person who realized that the slow adoption of telemedicine was due to a lack of existing physician practice adoption and not due to a lack of patient demand.

Assorted Services and Solutions of Synct

Asynchronous Telemedicine: Using a computer or mobile device, patients can select their medical or behavioral health condition supported by their physician, and can answer specific questions to communicate their care need to their physician. In less than two minutes, the physician can review the patient request and respond with care instructions or, if necessary, instruct the patient to schedule an office visit, visit the ER, or schedule a telemedicine video conference.

Synct is cloud-based software that communicates with your EMR. One can access the Synct software on the computer, smart-phone, or anywhere on a device connected to the Internet.

Synct Video Conferencing: An easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing Solution with record storage. Synct Video Conferencing allows complete flexibility to providers for patient scheduling. Providers can choose to pair video conferencing with Asynchronous or have their own secure Video Conferencing room. Synct Video Conferencing is efficient and tailored to how providers and organizations want to use it.

Website Services: The company realized that it is more challenging for an organization to promote and provide telemedicine without a website that positively represents who the organization does. This dire need for better representation gave a kick start to Synct’s web services.

Custom Branding: This solution of Synct can be customized to any organization’s brand. Whether an organization wants mobile apps or just the cloud-based app branded, Synct is flexible enough to meet the needs of any healthcare organization and gives organizations the opportunity to make their own.

Surpassing Customer’s Expectations

Today, various telemedicine companies are putting much prominence on video conferencing and that form of telemedicine is too disruptive to add to the existing physician practices. Hence, Synct has designed a provider-centric asynchronous telemedicine solution that would be complimentary rather than disruptive to physician office practices. Unlike other telemedicine companies, the company’s goal is not to replace physician practices or existing provider-patient relationships but rather to expand these practices into options for technology-based care.

Synct has a firm belief on the strategy – ‘the more companies educated the market is, the greater the penetration of telemedicine which is good for everyone’. This strategy has assisted Synct in uplifting its products as well as services which have received a tremendous positive feedback from its clients.

  • “I am a new resident to Alabama, and a friend recommended Synct. Thank you so much for this cost-effectivealternative to having to make and wait for doctor appointments!” – Brenda W., Patient User
  • “Our physicians love for their patients to use Synct if they cannot come in for an appointment. Our physicians are able to care for their patients even when our office is closed, and the patient begins on the road to recovery sooner.” – Heather S., Physician Office Administrator

The company believes that physicians and physician extenders deserve an efficient method to manage their patients’ virtual needs and be paid for the valuable care they provide and that patients need a better way to receive the care they deserve.

Future Prospect

On asking him about the company’s upcoming products, McDougal says, “We’re always adding new features to our software. Our most recent update was launching a new and improved video conferencing solution. We are currently working with several healthcare providers and behavioral health providers to launch their customized telemedicine solution with Synct within the next quarter.

Synct believes that technology is not disrupting healthcare but the patients are. “We believe we are perfectly positioned for the future of telemedicine as the next “big thing” in the existing provider-relationship”, asserts Tom confidently.



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