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Real Time Touch– Shaping the Future of Telehealth

Real Time Touch– Shaping the Future of Telehealth

People today are are gradually becoming more health-conscious. However, upward to 75% of earthlings don’t have easy access to clinics or hospitals. Virtual healthcare visits help overcome the transportation and other challenges of providing healthcare to people in rural areas. Ideally, in telehealth, the doctor video conferences with the patient or client while reviewing the client’s vital signs and healthcare records.

Telehealth, telemedicine and virtual healthcare are evolving with the help of camera-equipped smart devices, the Internet, artificial intelligence, secure data connections and other Real Time Touch technological advancements. When there are no nearby hospitals, clinics or specialists, virtual healthcare enables healthcare specialists to assist the primary care doctor in real-time. Telehealth enables people in rural areas to receive medications in a timelier manner than traveling to a remote clinic. But the current telehealth systems cannot physically treat, provide therapy, or provide controlled release of life-sustaining medications and opioids to the patient or client.

To overcome this major problem, Real Time Touch (RTT) has come up with an innovative solution. RTT has a newly patented platform that aims to develop physically augmented face-to-face virtual healthcare visits. In addition to people in rural areas, many people are unable to travel due to health conditions, along with the elderly who often cannot visit a hospital regularly. To enable easier access to quality healthcare for all, RTT is developing a platform and devices where a person can virtually visit the doctor face-to-face and receive real time, digitally controlled treatments, therapies, pain relief, and medications in the comfort of their home.

RTT holds a patent and an internationally pending patent for physically augmenting virtual care visits, and for a variety of home, work, wearable and outback connected medical, Rx, therapy, training and exercise devices. The intellectual property (IP) also enables veterinarians and pet lovers to remotely release medications and treats to their pets. Once approved by the FDA, the company aims to integrate its platform and planned devices with existing virtual care providers, hospitals, and clinics to enable them to connect to their patients for remote monitoring, programming, and controlling the various RTT devices.

RTT’s mission is to enable affordable healthcare to people globally. RTT believes that remote-controlled home medicine dispensers will help keep patients and seniors healthier and more engaged with their caregivers and distant families. The dispensers are targeted to increase prescription drug adherence. A few goals are to reduce hospital re-admissions, reduce drug dependencies, and to help seniors adhere to their medication doses and schedules. This allows them to remain independent longer.

Ingenious Mind behind RTT

Twenty-two years ago, Craig Linden, the Founder of RTT, had a vision and started experimenting with physically augmenting remote communications. As today’s telemedicine industry is changing on a day to day basis, Linden felt the need to provide more people with health care while also lowering the cost. This was only possible by increasing the number of video healthcare visits and by adding real-time treatment devices. He founded Real Time Touch with the realization that people with little or no access to clinics or hospitals can and will be professionally treated remotely. Being a business management and marketing graduate from San Diego State University, he is on a path to enlightening the industry with his innovative vision.

The Journey of RTT

It is not an easy task for an inventor to turn their innovations into reality. It takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. The same situation has been faced by RTT throughout the years. Linden says, “The journey has been long and difficult.” Although the industry has been facing many hindrances, Linden feels many companies are poised to adopt new technologies. Various advancements like remote monitoring of vital signs, electronic health care records (EHR), bio-markers, improved client data security, bio metric IDs, and better virtual visiting programming are being developed today. Real Time Touch’s near future goals include the international licensing of its major improvements. Globally, we want to see clinic functions move into the home, workplace, vehicles, and into remote areas. In order to complete the virtual healthcare visit, RTT will enable real-time treatment, therapies, controlled medication release, and verification of Rx consumption.

Augmenting Healthcare

Linden says, “Today, millions of people don’t have access to proper healthcare, but many have a smartphone, laptop or connected tablet.” RTT is set to build partnerships that will help revolutionize the global healthcare industry by providing digitally controlled treatments, pain-relief devices and medication release vaults, anywhere a cellular, wired or satellite signal is available. These new devices can be a medical hub or be wirelessly paired with sensors for monitoring vital signs and activity levels. Delivery companies, bicycles, scooters, drones and autonomous vehicles will deliver the RTT remote-controlled connected devices and its pharmacy packed RTT secure medication dispensers (RC Rx Dispensers).

RTT’s planned remote release medication vaults will also enable pharmaceutical companies to decentralize the process of clinical trials by essentially miniaturizing the clinic and sending it to their video connected participants anywhere. This will lead to more reliable, efficient and costeffective clinical drug trials, which should lower the cost of new drugs. RTT is an early stage startup whose founder was recently honored with an international “Top 100 Healthcare Leader Award” from the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare in recognition of his contribution to healthcare, and specifically for Linden’s advancements in physically augmented telehealth.

Improving the Healthcare of People Globally

All the people on this planet deserve access to quality healthcare and effective medications. RTT is dedicated to make this a reality. Linden wants the telehealth, medical device firms, and pharmaceutical companies to join with Real Time Touch to help quicken the development of these and other innovative technologies, devices, digital medications and new drugs.


RTT is looking to grow and advance by forming international partnerships with leading healthcare companies. The company also intends to collaborate with IoT, communications, and medical device manufacturing companies.

Once such company is Lucidium Health, an Australianbased digital health company with a focus on improving patients’ outcome using emerging technologies. Lucidium CEO, Dr. Ash Kumar, feels that a solution like RTT can play a significant role in making healthcare efficient and accessible.

Mission Statement: Real Time Touch will revolutionize the global healthcare industry by enabling remote digitally controlled treatments anywhere a cellular, wired or satellite signal is available. – Craig Linden



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