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PatientClick: The Face of Telemedicine Revolution


A few decades ago, it was difficult to imagine that patient care could be provided remotely to anyone and anywhere. With the ascent in modern technologies and high tech devices, doctors and medical institutions can now reach out to their patients in no time.

Leveraging reformative technology, PatientClick offers a premium integrated Telemedicine solution with an electronic health record and practice management system. The company specifically targets to aid the needs of physicians and medical clinics. The company’s technology provides true Software as a service (SaaS) solution with no costly hardware to install and with a minimal amount of time required to get up and running.

PatientClick’s services are universal and are not limited to a particular group. Both small and large practices are benefitted from its services. The specialty-specific EMR software service covers more than 30 medical specialties and with a widespread footprint of customers across all 50 states in the US and also around the globe.

Meet the Maker

Involved with healthcare IT and technology firms for more than 20 years, Ash Mehta is the CEO of PatientClick. He is an engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has veteren level experience in Global Business management. He has served as an advisory board member, executive and project engineer in various sectors such as healthcare, renewable energy, petrochemicals, information technology and business consulting. With the aim to establish gold standards in telemedicine delivery, he is continuously working with the engineering and innovation team since the inception of the company. Through his exceptional knowledge, he has published multiple articles about telemedicine and how it will change the healthcare delivery model in the years to come.

Aiding Healthcare through High Tech Solutions

With the goal to make it possible to access healthcare anytime, anywhere, PatientClick has been striving to provide an excellent service to its clients. It has been developing its software with integrated scheduling, practice management solutions and integrated telemedicine technology with a single sign-in and easy to use platform. The software can be used without any additional hardware modification in any browser on any computer.

With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, PatientClick enables medical practitioners to make smarter and quicker decisions. The staff too gets help to make more informed decisions about patient care along with their own accountability towards patient care.

Telemedicine currently has become an inherent tool to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare and has made healthcare more accessible and affordable. The healthcare delivery has become more efficient and the population which was underserved has better accessibility. PatientClick has systems that have become more communicative, informative and are being utilized better by the overall industry. This helps the industry to grow as new revenue streams are added naturally to the processes. PatientClick helps patients and physicians to locate his or her health information from any device anywhere in the world. This, in turn, helps to provide local and less expensive services and improve the quality of healthcare.

Telemedicine and its Benefits

Telemedicine introduces a new level of convenience and quality for both patients and healthcare providers. Telehealth and physical appointments can work in tandem with each other and offer immediate and efficient service to the patient. Through the referral portal, the physician can review and monitor the patient information and work with the other experts in the field (peer to peer review) whenever required which improves the service delivery within a short time.

The recent development in technology, technological integration with the devices, medical equipment, manual intervention, dynamic interface all put together is only going to save time, improve efficiency, speed up the delivery, save cost, and revolutionize the healthcare industry. With internet access and services available to people on their handheld devices, it’s only inevitable for the healthcare industry to embrace telehealth processes and technology,” Ash expresses.

Tele-Medicine Solution that is designed to revolutionize the way patients interact and engage with healthcare providers. The new Tele-Medicine Solution allows clinicians and physicians to reach out to their patients beyond the geographical boundaries of their clinics,” he adds further.

PatientClick allows physicians to continue using current EMR or EHR while they are able to provide medical care to remote patients using the PatientClick interface. Furthermore, the technology allows physicians to reconcile multiple HL7 messages and CDA files to get a complete picture of what is going on with the patient.

Commendable Achievements

PatientClick was recognized as Gold Standard in TeleMedicine technology and has been featured in many professional journals such as CIO Outlook, San Diego Business Journal, Cleveland Crain’s, Healthcare Innovations, Telemedicine journals.

The company’s clients grew from single office providers to multiple offices in different time zones with hundreds of providers in roaster and 40-50 physical locations across 18-20 states. The integrated scheduling, electronic health record and telemedicine solution help these clients to grow exponentially.

PatientClick team strongly believes in patient care and access to care. If any new startup would like to develop an interface, API integration with PatientClick’s technology we would be more than happy to support and encourage those initiatives,” states Mr. Mehta.

Future Goals

As telemedicine is currently growing at the speed of the light, PatientClick believes in moving at the same pace. Being in the industry for over a decade, the company has seen many ups and downs in the industry. This experience is helping overcome various challenges faced by the company.

We are very well equipped to utilize the trends of the industry to the technological expertise we have gained over years along with our agile systems to adapt to new changes,” asserts Ash.

PatientClick further aims to provide an integrated solution with deep connectivity with medical devices, vital monitoring devices and smartphones for seamless connectivity between patient and the healthcare provider.

Mission Statement: We are also moving towards a value-based care model for healthcare delivery



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