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The 10 Most Disruptive MedTech Innovators for 2021

LipoCoat®: Saving Lives, One Innovation at a Time
Progress demands innovation – there is no scope of denying the verity of this statement. In pertinence to this progress in the discipline of healthcare, innovation is deemed as a non-negligible necessity, universally. Modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Robotics,...

Issue Profile

Angie Conley | Founder & CEO | Abilitech Medical
Abilitech Medical: Empowering Patients through the Power of Technology
When it comes to responding to the outer and inner senses, the central nervous system plays an important...
Mark-Jan Harte | Co-Founder & CEO | Aidence
Aidence: Incorporating Human Sense in Artificial Intelligence
Medical technologies save lives, improve health, and contribute towards sustainable healthcare. The most...
Steve Parker, CEO, Creavo Medical Technologies
Creavo: Transforming Future of Cardiology with Promethean Technology
Today, several patients’ lives depend on the healthcare systems, practitioners, and clinicians, compelling...
Alfons Carnicero | CEO & Co-founder | ABLE Human Motion
ABLE Human Motion: Making Freedom of Mobility Accessible and Affordable
“Our freedom can be measured by the number of things we can walk away from.” Vernon Howard, an American...