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Creavo: Transforming Future of Cardiology with Promethean Technology

Steve Parker, CEO, Creavo Medical Technologies
Steve Parker, CEO, Creavo Medical Technologies

Today, several patients’ lives depend on the healthcare systems, practitioners, and clinicians, compelling the industry to innovate and evolve rigorously, with effective testing and reliable solutions to transform the lives and delivery of healthcare services.

Creavo Medical Technologies, established in 2014, is a global innovator in the development of advanced technology to enable healthcare professionals to detect and diagnose medical conditions – supporting quicker decision making, and diagnostic accuracy.

Creavo’s technology has been dubbed “the first new imaging modality since the advent of the MRI scanner.” Translating ground-breaking technological research and advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms into the development of innovative medical devices, Creavo is set to change the face of medical diagnostics all over the globe – speeding decision-making, improving patient management, and enabling crucial cost and resource savings in the healthcare environment. 

Exhibiting Excellence

Creavo’s core and novel technology combine advanced quantum physics research and Artificial Intelligence that can capture, isolate, and measure the minute magnetic fields associated with various organs in a busy hospital environment opening a whole new diagnostic field to medical professionals.

The first application of Creavo’s Corsens® technology is intended to help physicians in busy Emergency Departments to rapidly identify and rule out the over 80% of patients that present with chest pain, the usual symptom of a heart attack, but ultimately do not have a serious heart problem.

“Current practice, quite rightly, treats all patients as if they are having a heart attack until proven otherwise, a process that can take many hours with various testing including repeat blood draws. Managing acute chest pain patients is a global challenge, in the US alone around 8 million people present to the Emergency Room annually with chest pain costing the health care system an estimated $9Bn,” says the team at Creavo.

Creavo’s Corsens® technology has the potential to enable physicians to identify these non-acute patients early in a non-invasive 5 to 10-minute passive scan of the chest, often through clothing, saving time and important healthcare resources and ultimately patients’ money.

A Benchmark of Expertise

Steve Parker, the CEO of Creavo, started his career as a biomedical engineer in the UK health system. He has subsequently spent over 40 years working in global medical device companies, predominantly in cardiology and critical care medicine.

Steve has held various engineering, sales and marketing, and leadership roles with several large US medical device manufacturers, most recently Chicago-based Abbott Laboratories leading all ex-North American commercial activities for the global Point of Care business. This breadth of Steve’s professional experience covers both in-country leadership and global commercialization of innovative professional cardiac and diagnostic medical devices.

Revamping Technology

We asked Steve for his opinion on how he and his team have fared during the pandemic and its entailing impact on the global MedTech industry, to which he said, “The current pandemic has exposed the fragility of many businesses, but also highlighted the incredible selfless dedication and work done by healthcare professionals across the world.”

“The wider MedTech industry has supported these teams in developing diagnostic technologies and vaccines in record time and highlighted the role that new technologies that accelerate accurate decision-making can play,” Steve expressed.

“The global pandemic has encouraged business leaders to challenge how we work and how we can empower our teams to work effectively both geographically but also flexibly as they manage the challenges of balancing home working, child education, and project timelines. This is a great opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves from both existing and future employees whilst implementing better and more sustainable working practices,” he added.

The team at Creavo believes that two key technological trends have and will continue to influence the delivery of global healthcare:

First, the advent of wearable and digital technologies has led to a far more personal ownership and a more holistic view of personal health. This has allowed patients to take more personal ownership and contribute to better and earlier diagnosis via home monitoring or as in Creavo’s case, the future ability to provide diagnostics much earlier to patients.

The second is the wider management of patients with a total focus and integration of pre-hospital, in-hospital, and post-hospital care. Historically, the healthcare industry has treated individual patient symptoms, via a cardiologist for a heart problem, an orthopedic surgeon, etc. rather than the whole patient. Whilst individual clinical specialties are and remain very important there is a movement to manage the whole patient, focused on disease prevention and earlier discharge rather than in-hospital treatments.

Towards a Successful Future

Having a large study plan in 2021, Creavo aims to unlatch across multiple hospitals in the UK and Europe followed by a similar study in the United States. Making this a final stage in acquiring their patient’s data and training their machine learning algorithms and automating the diagnostic procedure that can be currently done manually by a highly trained individual.

The relatively short regulatory pathway once done, will allow the Corsens® technology to roll out to hospitals initially across Europe followed by the US and other global markets. Helping to enable accurate and timely diagnostics at a patients’ bedside in a busy Emergency Room is one of the most challenging applications of the Corsens® technology.

Once released and proven in this environment there are several potential additional applications of this platform technology both in other areas of the hospital, but also in doctors’ offices and the wider community.



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