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Why you Should Include Protein in your Diet Instantly

Suresh Soundale | Protein in your Diet

By- Suresh Soundale

 If you exercise or anyone in your friend’s circle does the same thing, it is a high chance that you have come across something called protein intake.

There is a lot of noise around protein, and everyone seems to have an unprecedented opinion.

Some may say consuming protein is the only way to go. Few may counter this argument, and most would be confused. So let’s clear all the clouds surrounding the topic and dig deep into what protein is and why it is essential.


What is protein?

Let’s start with the basics. What is protein? Is it just a part of nutrition? Or is it a supplement?

Protein is a macronutrient in a diet that supplements the activity of making muscle mass.

Protein is a vital part of our food system. The amount may vary, but almost everything will have some protein.

Protein, why is it Important?

Now, as we have explained, what is protein? Let’s jump to the next question why is it so important?

As we have established the purpose of protein, it helps make the muscle mass required to conduct the everyday activity.

Our body needs specific amounts of mass to carry out daily activities. However, many would love to look a certain way. To create muscle mass, the only direct macronutrient is a protein. Carbohydrates and fats can help the process by being a catalyst, but the main component will always be protein.

Is Protein essential for Fitness Enthusiasts only?

Then comes the most crucial question. Is protein only needed for fitness enthusiasts? Do ordinary people with regular workout routines or no exercise need protein?

Do ordinary people need muscle mass to do regular work?


Then they will need to add protein to their diet. Protein makes muscle mass, but it is not limited to this only.

Following are some of the benefits of protein:

  • Protein fuels our body with energy to carry out everyday activities
  • Protein helps us carry oxygen throughout our body
  • Protein helps to boost your immune system.
  • Protein helps stimulate body cells. It will create new ones as well.

And the list does not end there. So every person should add a due amount of protein to their diet to stay healthy.

Protein-Muscle Relationship

Now and then, you would come across a phrase: if you want muscle, then eat more protein. Let’s see if this phrase holds any weight.

(For this argument, we need to remember that the person is doing some exercise.)

When you exercise, the existing muscles get broken, and your brain starts panicking. As a signal of emergency, the brain will do almost everything to better the situation.

First, the protein you consume will get disgusted by the small intestine and converted into peptides. Peptides are the chain of amino acids, and these chains are used as bricks in the walls of our muscles.

As a measure of precaution, the brain will send these peptides to do damage control in the respective breakage area. The DNA in your body will act as a supervisor here and transfer some of the amino acids to the affected portion. The emergency team then uses these fresh supplies of amino to weave myofibrils.

The recently made improvements will fuse with the damaged muscle fibers, but repairing the muscle is not a quick job. The muscles that just got the attention will grow stronger and bigger just to ensure safety, resulting in muscle growth. However, the development would be very little.

Your body will work smoother than your internet provider once it comes to an emergency.


After clearing all the chaos around protein, we can say that every person must include a chunk of protein in their diet regardless of their workout. But, of course, the protein intake would differ from person to person. Under medical guidance, efficient protein intake can lead to a healthy and risk-free life

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Suresh Soundale

Suresh Soundale is a freelance content and copywriter. He has experience of 5+ years and expertise in the health and fitness industry. Suresh is a generalist writer with expertise in health, lifestyle, travel, and marketing niches. If you want content that catches the eyes and ears of a reader while making them feel connected with your brand, Suresh is just the right person for you.




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