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10 Most Influential Leaders Revamping the Rehabilitation Industry 2022

Angie Manson: Integration of Quality and Comprehensive Care
Addiction is a complex, however treatable disease with adverse effects on brain function and behavior. The abuse of drugs alters the brain structure and primary functions–resulting in changes that persist for a long duration—even after the drug use has been ceased. This explains why drug abusers are...

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Vern Johnson
Vern Johnson: Empowering People by Inspiring Change in Themselves
Addiction is a disease that affects your behavior and your brain. Eventually, it becomes exceedingly...
Clarice Parham
Clarice Parham: Building Resilience, Instilling Hope!
“We build resilience, instill hope, and support recovery,” states Clarice Parham. Motivated by her mother’s...
Joseph Pritchard | Pinnacle Treatment Centers
Joseph Pritchard: Instilling Hope, Furthering Recovery, Improving Lives!
‘The attempt to escape the pain creates more pain.’ Most humans resort to substance use; because of the...
Mark Bossert
Mark Bossert: Public Speaking is Key for Wellbeing
Well-being is a quality that defines a core value in life and in many success stories. To fully express...