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Angie Manson: Integration of Quality and Comprehensive Care

Angie Manson | Elevate Addiction Services
Angie Manson

Addiction is a complex, however treatable disease with adverse effects on brain function and behavior. The abuse of drugs alters the brain structure and primary functions–resulting in changes that persist for a long duration—even after the drug use has been ceased.

This explains why drug abusers are at a relapse even after long-sighted periods of abstinence and despite the facts of potentially devastating consequences. If we are looking at the treatments, they vary based on fundamentals looking at the patient’s manifold on the type of drug and their characteristics.

Those who have suffered from addiction know how hard it is to overcome its adversities. However, they also comprehend the importance of the healing environment that rehabilitation offers with the aim of making a successful recovery.

Effective therapy can additionally reduce a person’s chances of relapsing and can help them get back on track if they relapse. There are countless therapy options available through rehab programs, which is extremely important as no single treatment is appropriate for everyone.

The goal of therapy in the rehabilitation process is to help patients change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors concerning substance abuse, engage in treatment and be encouraged to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Elevate Addiction Services believes that addiction treatment needs to do more than help someone get clean and sober. It needs to transform the life of the addict and empower them to create a more meaningful and positive life.

It also believes that addiction is not a disease or the result of a weak character; it manifests a deeper physical, an emotional, or spiritual dilemma that can only be resolved by directly addressing those underlying issues.

Elevate Addiction Services’ CEO and Co-owner Angie Manson shares, “When rehab is done right, clients do not need to keep coming back to rehab. To accomplish this, we do not simply treat the symptoms of addiction by masking it with medication. Instead, we offer a holistic approach and a philosophy of treating the whole person and teaching them how to create a meaningful life without substances, which creates lasting success.”

She also expressed that the evolution of my role in addiction has evolved from experimenting with drugs and alcohol at the tender age of 11-years old and going down a winding and dangerous path with choices she had made that got her into trouble with the law.

You can say I have come fill circle, since my drug and alcohol abuse to now being the CEO and Co-owner of Elevate Addiction Services, helping thousands overcome their drug and/or alcohol addiction.

The Journey of an Adept Leader

Angie spends most of her time passionately serving the clients in Elevate who are in various phases of their recovery journey. Angie’s health and wellness are the instrumental parts of her life today; she sheds the limelight on this extract, stating:

“I am a mom to two children, who have been raised in the recovery industry while being well balanced, strong, and ambitious young adults. Rewinding back to childbirth, I experienced complications with both births.

I had a meagre heart rate and blood pressure for my daughter, which prompted the Doctor delivering my baby to ask if I was an athlete. I immediately avoided the question, as I did not want to admit that in my distant past I used methamphetamines. While my drug use may have contributed to my chronic heart condition, interactions with physicians made me want to conceal my past.

The topic of my heart condition came up while delivering my son a few years later. My baby’s heart rate dropped to dangerously low levels in delivery while the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck. As you would imagine, this put the baby in danger, which sent me in for an emergency C-Section.

After this life-altering wake-up call, I decided it was time to consult a cardiologist, which is when I was diagnosed with ‘fourth-degree heart block.’ This condition prevents my heart from usually regulating itself, meaning that having an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time could be fatal.

One of the philosophies that we not only preach but practice daily at Elevate is our commitment to health and wellness, as well as the aggressive fitness regimen of CrossFit. If you know about CrossFitters, we strive to elevate our heart rate for extended periods of time.

My diligence, vitality and respect for my body have taught me how I can work out, and I do not let things limit me; however, I am smart as I know I am not invincible. In recent months, I have considered a pacemaker but have not come to my decision on this as of yet.

I know that engaging my body in physical activity and putting effort into challenging my body; will be the key tool for developing my mind and shaping my life. I have dedicated my life to health and happiness, sharing it with my family and all those at Elevate who are overcoming the clutches of addiction. I know my purpose in life is to have a role in others’ healing while creating a purposeful life filled with confidence, self-respect, and happiness.

I will be the first to say; that this is not an easy industry to live, work and breathe in every single day. We are met with challenges daily; from those struggling with their addiction when they first arrive at Elevate to the wake of pain and uncertainty the families must endure.”

Surmounting the Challenges

Angie wholeheartedly believes that addicts deserve a second chance, and that is what Elevate offers. Elevate fosters an environment where they can undergo treatment in a caring, professional, and positive manner while being integrated into a culture of mutual cooperation, structure, and support. It offers the patients with the tools and knowledge to go back into the world completely substance-free and primed for success.

Of course, in any industry, there are challenges. Angie found the challenges escalated over the past two years living through the pandemic and lockdowns. There was an abundance of drug and alcohol abuse happening all around due to the climate of the world. Addiction, abuse and deaths from drugs and alcohol, unfortunately, scaled to an all-time high.

Elevate has done everything in its power to be there for those battling addiction during this time, from offering virtual classes to preparing its facilities to be the safest for new clients who were arriving while limiting direct interaction when necessary.

Overall, it has been a challenging time for all; however, Elevate has made the best of the situation and is still looking at a high success rate of its graduates, which makes the organization proud that clients are choosing their recovery over all else. Elevate credits its success rate to the unique approach it implements; the treatment is aimed at helping clients take back their passion in life, or finding their passion, to overcome addiction.

Elevate’s innovative curriculum blends traditional, tried-and-true methods with the most advanced and effective methods currently available in addiction treatment, while also offering long term customized programs so that clients may recover at their own pace. The team of Elevate prides itself on being truly holistic; after detox, treatment is free from medication and all substances, which allows it to focus on nutrition and fitness.

Continuum of Perpetual Quality

Elevate’s whole-body treatment approach involves access to a range of fitness activities and nutritional education to ensure a well-rounded recovery. The organization is not concerned with only getting sober; it wants to enter a lifetime partnership with all that come through its doors, which guarantees support long after graduating from its inpatient program. This is why Elevate’s aftercare options and services are so vast.

While considering if Elevate Addiction Services is right for you or your loved one, the immersive benefits of its programs span wide and far. Elevate starts with intervention, then drug and alcohol detox, and moves into inpatient drug rehab. It teaches the four phases of overcoming addiction, starting with mindfulness, self-awareness, responsibility, and future planning.

After a client has graduated, Elevate has comprehensive outpatient drug and alcohol classes and check-ins, an online curriculum to stay on the recovery journey, tele-health and aftercare and relapse prevention.

Shedding the spotlight on the signature quality services, Angie expressed, “Elevate has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission for its dedication to improving healthcare quality and safety as well as named the top addiction recovery facility in the nation from Conquer Addiction’s Excellence in Treatment awards, in 2020.”

Exhibiting Excellence

Elevate’s success stories speak for themselves; the organization has won awards and received many accolades for the superior service it provides to its clients. The below testimonials highlight a glimpse of the exponential success of Elevate Addiction Services.

“When I first showed up here due to my decisions, my family was falling apart. I almost lost my kids. I was scared. I was scared that I was not going to be a good father. I feared success. I was afraid of sobriety. I was frightened of feeling emotions.

Now, as I am leaving Elevate today, I am leaving with an aura of strength and courage that is earned through demanding work. I have the courage to be vulnerable, the courage to be my authentic self. Truthfully, I have not been my authentic self in years. It feels perfect after leaving here, knowing I am leaving confident but not complacent because complacently kills.

I’m not naïve, and I know that challenges are going to be out there and that they are going to put me to my test; however, I know I’m going to have to pull out all the tools I have in my toolbox from this Elevate and put them to work, I am thankful for the tools I have learned during my time at Elevate, I truly love you all.”

Cody D., Elevate Addiction Services Graduate

“It has been a long time coming, and I often wondered and worried if I would get a call one day from the authorities thinking the worse. I thought my life would end if I lost a child. Thanks to Elevate, my son is sober. He is going to be on the right path. He is going to be okay; I got my son back; we got our son back! That is a godsend; I am so thankful. If you are considering Elevate, you are in good hands.”

– Parents of Eric, Elevate Addiction Services Graduate

Pearls of Wisdom

As for advice for budding aspirants who are willing to venture into addiction recovery services, Angie said, “If you want to work in the field of addiction recovery, we are always looking for committed professionals who understand the recovery journey requires an unwavering commitment. Other lives depend on us to walk them back to reclaim their livelihood; together, we can heal those battling addiction.”

“When things get tough, we take it out to our CrossFit facility, which is located on the property and open and available to all clients and the Elevate team; I love working out as a family,” she concluded.



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