10 Most Promising Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2021

Nōmina Wellness Inc.: A Guiding Light on the Path towards a Better Life.
“In our own unique journeys—to attain whatever goal—challenges are inevitable.” Throughout a lifetime, the one aspect we seldom pay attention to, is ourselves. Evidently, to relish the fruits of a peaceful and content life, it is undoubtedly vital to emphasize on our health – both physical and...

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KC-Gooding-Di | New Method Wellness
New Method Wellness: Leading with A Holistic Approach in Behavioral Healthcare.
Family. This word can evoke different feelings for different people. For some, it means blood relations...
David-Niknafs-Founder-RECO Intensive
RECO Intensive: Empowering Recovery through Expertise and Empathy.
“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile,” Albert Einstein had said. And most of us try to...
Dr-Reuben-Vaisman-Tzacor-Principal-Therapist-Seasons in Malibu
Seasons in Malibu: A Place of Care and Compassion.
Mental health issues are prevalent in one of every five adults in America and are given adequate amount...


List of Most Popular Smart Medical Devices of 2021 & Connected Health Market Trends.
As a software company, MedM is uniquely positioned at the center of the Connected Health ecosystem, working...

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Amy Cassata | VP of Clinical Operations | Swift Medical
Amy Cassata: Leveraging Modern Technology to Deliver Exceptional Wound Care
When one embarks on a journey, there is always a purpose associated to it. It could be about gaining...
Jennifer Lauretta | Chief Technology Innovation Officer | 360 HealthTech
Jennifer Lauretta: Catering to the growing needs of future health care
Healthcare is shaping up in myriad ways to accommodate to the growing needs in this sector. In the past...
Lena Hagman | Executive Vice President Quality & Regulatory Compliance | Getinge AG
Lena Hagman: A Prominent Name in the Medical Device Industry
The global healthcare industry was put through turbulent circumstances during the initial period of the...
Sue Schade | Principal | StarBridge Advisors, LLC.
Sue Schade: A Veteran Leader Focused on Achieving Excellence in Healthcare
Successful women leaders are transforming the healthcare sector with their dedicated endeavors and agile...