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Jennifer Lauretta: Catering to the growing needs of future health care

Jennifer Lauretta | Chief Technology Innovation Officer | 360 HealthTech
Jennifer Lauretta | Chief Technology Innovation Officer | 360 HealthTech

Healthcare is shaping up in myriad ways to accommodate to the growing needs in this sector. In the past few years, we have seen this sector transform dramatically with digitalisation taking the centre stage wherever applicable.

Advancements in digital technologies like artificial intelligence, AR, VR, robotics, and the likes have paved their way into the health care system and the ongoing pandemic has only propelled the need for such technologies.

Women leaders have risen to the forefront of late in providing the best in health care. One such leader that we at Insights Care stumbled upon is Jennifer Lauretta, the Chief Technology Innovation Officer at 360 HealthTech.

What started off as a media and communications business in 2013, went on to become a digital media for marketing, mobile business apps designing and publishing for corporate clients to AIoT, 360 Degree Digital has come a long way.

Today, it can boast of prestigious projects related to Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and other advanced technologies. Now it supports the initiatives driven by 360 Smart Home and 360 HealthTech.

Jennifer was amazed by China’s new artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing technology, and immediately realized that AIoT was the key to addressing present and future problems.

In her words, Jennifer is a “Serial Tech Entrepreneur who has founded 360 HealthTech and 360 Smart Home as part of 360 Degree Digital group business.” And there has been no looking back since 2016 when she discovered what the Internet of Things could do. Jennifer and her 360 HealthTech have been recognised as the 10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020 by Analytics Insight.

Product and Services

360 Degree Digital began in 2013. The company started media and communication business in the first year to deliver information to print media, photography, cinema, broadcasting (radio and television), advertising, responsive web, Tablet and mobile design. It gradually moved on to digital media for marketing. Now it is in the business of designing customised solutions related to AIoT applications. With 360 Smart Home and 360 HealthTech, 360 Degree Digital is catering to all the present day needs of people and have carved a niche for itself in these fields.

With client satisfaction at the forefront of its business approach, 360 Degree Digital has worked with the Information Media Development Authority of Singapore, GovTech, National Heritage Board, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ministry of Manpower.

360 HealthTech and Covid

Jennifer introduced 360 HealthTech to bring innovative technology solutions to boost the management of the community’s healthcare issues. “The solution has been developed to control the spread of the epidemic. 360 HealthTech works on technology related consultation to healthcare organisations and institutions, on bringing innovative technology solutions to boost the management of the community’s healthcare issues, particularly the ageing population,” explained Jennifer.

She further added that at present, due to the sudden outbreak of global COVID19, 360 HealthTech became an immediate point of contact in the global platform for providing anti-COVID19 solutions for humanitarian initiatives addressing world health risks and emergency pandemic issues using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data technologies.

“360 HealthTech is a product of 360 Degree Digital – The platform is formed to combat global Covid-19 pandemic with AIoT products, adopting the lethal combination of AI and IoT blended solutions on advanced technologies to control the epidemic spread between countries and within communities,” shared Jennifer.

Jennifer’s efforts paid off as the company caught the attention of big technology players globally. Within a short period of time since its inception during the beginning of the pandemic last year, the company was recognised as 25 Innovative Companies to Watch 2020 by The Chief’s Digest and many more.

Standing Apart

It was not easy to stay afloat in the competitive world of digitalisation in health care. But Jennifer’s perseverance and insistence on providing customised solutions helped the company be distinct from the herd.

“What makes 360 Degree Digital stand apart and gives it a competitive edge is providing added-value for its customers,” said Jennifer. For instance, businesses that are leveraging AIoT, 360 Degree Digital creates real value for true automation of manual tasks, with the system able to make autonomous decisions, boosting productivity and efficiency; optimization of processes to the point of reduction in marginal transactional costs; better customer management and communication with advanced bots and speech recognition, just to name a few.

With better product experience with deeper insights and data analytics, customers get value for their money and satisfaction. 360 Degree Digital takes into account the behavioural patterns, personal preferences and personalization while deploying AIoT.

360 HealthTech that was started to serve the aged population in order to ease things for them, today is a full-fledged health solution driven through digitalisation and Jennifer says that there is no looking back for the company now.



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