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New Method Wellness: Leading with A Holistic Approach in Behavioral Healthcare.

KC-Gooding-Di | New Method Wellness
KC Gooding, National Director of Business Development, New Method Wellness,

Family. This word can evoke different feelings for different people. For some, it means blood relations that stay with you through thick and thin, while for others, family can be a group of people that let you be your true and authentic self, without any judgment.

Blood relations or not, family means the world for everyone during uncertain times, be it financial crisis, severe physical or mental health conditions, or substance abuse. KC Gooding, National Director of Business Development at New Method Wellness, received strong support and encouragement from his family to heal from his severe condition of substance abuse. While the journey was difficult for him, his parents’ support and his own will gave him the much-needed motivation throughout the healing programs.

Now at New Method Wellness, KC taps into those experiences to aid individuals and families suffering from addiction and substance abuse.

The genesis of New Method Wellness

Based in San Juan, California, New Method Wellness is a family-owned and operated treatment program and a premier dual diagnosis addiction treatment center dually accredited by The Joint Commission and CARF International.

The rehabilitation center was founded in 2006 by Ed and Susie Hopson Blum and has been supporting individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders for over 15 years.

KC shares the core values of the center, “We are committed to family values and believe that each part of the family system deserves to heal,” he says, “our mission is to lead the way in treating the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders, providing individuals with effective solutions for lasting recovery.”

To achieve this mission, New Method Wellness focuses on delivering the highest quality of compassionate care in a safe, supportive environment conducive to personal growth and development.

A holistic approach to recovery

The contribution of rehabilitation centers has been tremendous for those in need. “However, determining the right treatment provider is essential in differentiating between an average and an excellent residential treatment center,” says KC.

“Recommended by Dr. Phil, New Method Wellness is one of the nation’s best treatment centers for alcohol and drug addiction offering the client a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches,” he further adds.

The core focus of the programs at New Method Wellness has been evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and addiction psychiatry. Moreover, the center also includes some holistic methods such as Wolf and Equine-assisted therapies, Surf and Paddleboard therapies in addition to many other complementary approaches that include massage, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation.

KC explains about the holistic approach of the treatment programs, “holistic recovery implements very practical, comprehensive ways for the individual to develop a meaningful life after treatment and is an important part of recovery, designed to help the individual reach their full potential.”

Driving excellence from experiences

What is life but a series of experiences? These experiences make us stronger; they develop our character even though we don’t realize it sometimes. KC Gooding experienced the same emotions during his journey of recovering from an addiction.

“I struggled with addiction my entire life which came at a significant cost to me and the emotional security of my family,” shared KC, “We tried multiple approaches to support my illness including treatment programs, private practice professionals, and 12 step programs. I had reached the age of 34 with little to no success when my parents provided one more opportunity to change.”

Acknowledging the significance of the illness and diligence to make it work this time, KC accepted help on 11-29-12. “And I have been sober, ever since,” KC explains, “it was challenging, to say the least, a lot of internal work was required but it turned out to be the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family.” These experiences and learnings from his journey helped KC in helping others suffering from the disease of addiction.

For the last 5 years, KC has been working in the field of behavioral healthcare, currently serving as the National Director of Business Development at New Method Wellness where he receives the privilege of supporting individuals and families every single day. His work and cordial approach at the rehabilitation center and in the field of behavioral healthcare further got him an opportunity to volunteer advocacy efforts as the President of the California Alliance for State Advocacy (CASA) while actively participating as a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

A pandemic of mental health

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect across the globe. Both the physical as well as behavioral healthcare industry saw a surge of cases during the pandemic. The fear of the unknown and being confined within four walls living alone and away from friends and family led to a rise in alcoholism and drug addiction in addition to a wide variety of mental health-related issues.

However, the rise has not necessarily meant that treatment programs are stretched to capacity many providers have struggled to stay open with a lack of patients seeking care during the pandemic. Many potential patients have opted to select providers closer to their locality, experiencing fear of infection due to travel.

Other challenges have included ensuring the safety of patients in care from the virus which has caused issues with admissions and operations at behavioral healthcare facilities. The quality of care has also been compromised in some facilities because of safety concerns or protocols. There is a wide variety of challenges that providers have had to navigate during the covid-19 pandemic.

KC shares his opinion about the effects of COVID-19 on the behavioral healthcare industry. “In my opinion, the need for quality behavioral healthcare programs is going to be vital to the overall health and wellness of our communities locally and nationally,” he says, “I believe there will be a need for specialized programs treating specific demographics and treating specific mental health and substance abuse disorders. Recovery is not a one size fits all model and our behavioral healthcare facilities cannot be either. We will need a variety of specialty programs to meet the overwhelming needs of the population.”

Authentic mantra for aspirants

As a professional with over five years working in behavioral healthcare and direct knowledge of many of the industry’s highest quality facilities, KC shares an insider’s secret for the aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to enter behavioral healthcare.

“I will let you know one thing that behavioral healthcare facilities all have in common,” he says, “they are owned and operated by someone with a passion for the work they do, usually someone with relative experience in recovery.”

KC also highlights the hard work all these entrepreneurs had put in to get to the higher points of their careers. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into this work. Moreover, it’s the authenticity and a genuine concern for those you support are other characteristics leaders in the behavioral healthcare industry have in common.

“They do not enter this field for the profits they intend to make,” explains KC “although those that possess these qualities often do well for themselves, they enter this field because it is their life’s purpose being fulfilled by the support they offer others.”

Maximizing efficiency for consistent care

Under the leadership and visionary decisions on KC’s part, New Method Wellness has undergone several changes and improvements to the program for the benefit of clients and families. And KC gives this credit to his dedicated staff committed to the care of the clients.

With a dedicated and skilled team of 70 employees, the wellness center offers a 3 to 1 staff to client ratio making it easier to aid clients with utmost focus and care. This brings quality care into focus which has been the priority of New Method Wellness.

“Our goals are to continually develop and implement changes that will create a significant change in the clients and families that we are privileged to support. At this time, we are solely intended to maximize the efficiency of the care we provide,” says KC.



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