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Adam Zenou & Mochi Bercovich: Visionaries Transforming Senior Living

Adam Zenou & Mochi Bercovich
Adam Zenou & Mochi Bercovich

Nearly 15 years ago, a remarkable journey began in the senior living industry, a journey marked by vision, innovation, and firm dedication. At its heart are two individuals, Adam Zenou and Mochi Bercovich, the founders of Savant Senior Living. Their story is one of challenges and triumphs, painting a vivid portrait of resilience and innovation.

As co-founders and co-CEOs of Savant Senior Living, Adam and Mochi bring extensive expertise to the table. Their collective experience spans facility management, business development, and acquisitions within the healthcare field.

Adam’s leadership is characterized by a keen eye for turning around underperforming communities swiftly through business innovation and administrative expertise. His dedication extends beyond mere compliance, encompassing a holistic approach to elevate standards in operations, customer service, resident care, and community relations. Adam embarked on his professional journey as a business office manager, progressing to the role of executive director. In these capacities, he played a pivotal role in revitalizing struggling assisted living facilities, employing strategies such as marketing initiatives and team-building to achieve profitability.

With over 15 years of experience in healthcare and senior living, Mochi oversees the day-to-day operations of Skilled Management’s senior living communities, hospice, and homecare facilities. His multifaceted role includes leading business development, real estate acquisitions, and managing financial transactions. Previously serving as the Chief Operating Officer of a prominent Los Angeles-based company, Mochi contributed significantly to consultation services for acute hospitals and senior living.

Their portfolio expanded further as they undertook increasingly challenging projects. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, they shifted their focus to compliance with the Department of Social Services in California. In an industry where many facilities struggled due to staff illnesses and financial strain, Adam and Mochi became known for their adept handling of crisis situations. They managed a facility where all the nuns contracted COVID-19 simultaneously, leaving the facility empty. Adam and Mochi, alongside their team, stepped in, ensuring the facility’s operational continuity until the nuns recovered.

Their most remarkable achievement unfolded when they took over an adult residential care facility that had been shut down by the city. After two years of relentless effort, the facility was ready to reopen. However, the state’s call for assistance during a severe COVID outbreak shifted their focus. In collaboration with the Department of Social Services, they established California’s first COVID-positive Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), offering refuge to residents from facilities struggling with outbreaks. As the pandemic subsided, they seamlessly transitioned the facility back to a regular RCFE and continued their exceptional expansion. In a remarkably short time, they grew from managing four communities to an impressive ten.

Adam and Mochi’s success is not only rooted in their expertise but also in their leadership style. Embracing an open-door policy, they empower managers with the freedom to execute their responsibilities without excessive micromanagement. This approach fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging the introduction of fresh ideas.

Adam and Mochi’s effectiveness as leaders is amplified by their prior experience, providing them with a profound understanding of day-to-day operations. This invaluable insight allows them to navigate challenges effectively and implement strategic initiatives that drive success.

The Insights Care team is constantly seeking out compelling narratives of relentless determination that result in positive achievements. The following highlights showcase the inspirational journey of Adam and Mochi.

A Journey of Compassion and Transformation in Senior Care

Adam’s journey into the world of assisted living began in 2008, right after he graduated from college. He assumed the role of a business office manager, starting his career in the senior care industry. It was during this time that he discovered his deep-seated passion for working with seniors.

Through these experiences, Adam’s passion for working with seniors grew exponentially. His commitment to helping seniors navigate the challenges of affordability and access to assisted living services became a driving force in his career, setting the stage for his future endeavors in the senior care industry.

Mochi’s early career path was marked by his entry into a clinical research facility right out of school, focusing on healthcare and conducting extensive research on various medical conditions. During this time, he found himself interacting with seniors who were grappling with incurable diseases, which ignited his passion for making a meaningful impact in healthcare.

While still in school in Santa Monica, Mochi crossed paths with Adam, and their shared journey began. Together, they embarked on a venture into the senior living industry, a field where affordability and accessibility were major challenges in California prior to 2006. They realized that seniors were seeking a solution, as living at home with aging parents had become impractical. They believe in democratizing senior care.

Adam and Mochi had the privilege of being early participants in this pilot program, witnessing its evolution into a full-fledged initiative throughout California. Coming from modest, hardworking family backgrounds, both of them felt a deep sense of obligation. Their mission was to create luxurious living spaces combined with top-tier care, offering an option for families with limited financial means. Their inspiration lay in the belief that every family should have access to quality senior living, regardless of their income.

Their work wasn’t just about running a business; it was about transforming lives and offering a lifeline to those who had exhausted their options. The fulfillment of helping people who felt they had nowhere else to turn was the driving force behind their shared journey. Their mutual dedication and vision to provide affordable, high-quality senior living services at a time when it was greatly needed bonded them together in a remarkable partnership. Their story is a testament to the synchronicity of their inspiration, born from a shared desire to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families.

Synergistic Partnership

The partnership between Adam and Mochi brought together two distinct skill sets and backgrounds, forming a dynamic team with a shared vision for senior living. Mochi brought to the table his experience in marketing and healthcare hospitality, while Adam contributed with his strong financial and administrative background. The fusion of their talents and beliefs allowed them to create a unique and successful approach to senior living.

Their collaboration was founded on a common belief that the well-being and happiness of the residents should be at the forefront of their business. This customer-centric approach recognized that satisfied residents not only lead to a positive reputation but also form the core of a thriving senior living community. They understood the importance of combining marketing and sales expertise with financial and administrative acumen to achieve this goal.

One of their guiding principles was the concept of generosity. They believed in investing not only in money but also care in the well-being and comfort of the residents. By prioritizing the residents’ needs and quality of life, they saw the potential for building a better business. This approach not only benefited their bottom line but also created a healthier and happier living environment for the seniors they served.

Together, Adam and Mochi engaged in brainstorming sessions, where they combined their unique experiences and backgrounds to generate innovative ideas. These ideas were then seamlessly integrated into their senior living communities, creating a holistic approach that catered to the physical, emotional, and social needs of the residents.

Principles of Leadership

Adam and Mochi have identified three key principles that they believe have been instrumental in their leadership and the success of their senior living communities. These principles reflect their commitment to fostering a supportive, open, and experienced-driven environment.

First, they emphasize giving their managers the freedom to perform their roles without micromanagement. This approach allows their team members the autonomy to bring new ideas to the table, fostering innovation and creativity within the organization. By trusting their managers to execute their responsibilities independently, they create an environment where individual contributions are valued.

Second, the CEOs uphold an open-door policy, ensuring that every employee has access to them. They actively promote the idea that any staff member, regardless of their role, can reach out and communicate directly with them. This accessibility and approachability set them apart from many other companies, where the top executives may seem distant and inaccessible. Their commitment to being available to their hundreds of employees demonstrates their dedication to fostering a culture of open communication and accessibility.

The third pillar of their leadership philosophy is grounded in their own experiences. Adam and Mochi have personally navigated the lower-level managerial tasks, such as business office management and community marketing, before ascending to their current roles as CEOs. Their firsthand experience in these roles equips them with a deep understanding of the processes and challenges faced by their team members. This shared experience makes them more effective leaders, as they can empathize with their employees and provide guidance based on practical knowledge.

In addition to these principles, they stress the importance of not only building the right team but also enabling the growth of team members within the company. They aim to create a balanced work environment that combines a strong commitment to the business with a warm and open approach. Their leadership is characterized by firmness when it comes to what is best for the business, but also a commitment to creating a friendly and flexible atmosphere.

Adapting to a Changing Landscape

Adam and Mochi, while recognizing the potential of technology in the senior care industry, believe that the adoption of AI and robotics for tasks involving elderly residents might still be a distant prospect. They acknowledge the importance of trust when it comes to tasks that directly impact the well-being and care of seniors, and this trust may take time to establish.

However, they are keenly aware of the changing landscape in senior care. As the senior population becomes increasingly tech-savvy, there is a growing appetite for technology-driven solutions. This shift has led Adam and Mochi to invest in technology and software solutions that align with the preferences and needs of their senior residents and their families. By keeping their software up to date and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, they aim to create a seamless and connected experience for their residents and their families.

The transition from paper-based processes to electronic solutions has not only improved efficiency but also enhanced the overall experience for both residents and staff. Adam and Mochi actively seek opportunities to learn and integrate new technologies into their company, attending technological and healthcare shows, and participating in classes to ensure that their senior living communities remain at the forefront of innovation and service excellence.

Meeting Workforce Challenges with Empathy and Innovation

Adam and Mochi are acutely aware of the challenges facing the healthcare and senior care industry, especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining skilled personnel. They recognize that there’s a shortage of individuals entering the nursing field, and even finding licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) for their facilities can be a persistent challenge. However, they’ve taken proactive steps to address these workforce issues and set themselves apart in the industry.

What differentiates them is their commitment to fostering a positive culture and showing appreciation for their staff. They consistently engage in activities such as job fairs, offering enticing benefits packages, and providing tuition reimbursement opportunities to attract and retain talent. By actively supporting and investing in their employees, they aim to create a workplace that is not only professionally rewarding but also personally fulfilling.

In addition to these measures, they’ve embraced technology by implementing software solutions that streamline and automate the hiring process, enabling them to post job listings across multiple platforms and job boards. This software has proven to be a valuable asset in their recruitment efforts.

However, what truly sets them apart is their hands-on approach to staff appreciation. They actively engage with their administrators and staff through monthly meetings, team-building exercises, and regular events. They understand the importance of being present and relatable to their employees. By actively participating in the daily operations, such as helping serve food during busy times, they not only empathize with their staff but also gain valuable insights into the challenges and needs of the workforce.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Adam and Mochi didn’t shy away from getting directly involved in the field. They suited up, worked side by side with their staff, and personally assisted in serving food to residents. This not only provided much-needed support during a critical period but also demonstrated their unwavering commitment to their employees and residents.

Comprehensive Senior Care

Adam and Mochi offer a comprehensive range of services in the senior care industry, encompassing assisted living, memory care, and an array of ancillary services. Their core business focuses on providing a safe and comfortable environment for seniors, covering a spectrum of needs, from assisted living for those seeking a bit of extra support to memory care for individuals with specific cognitive requirements.

In addition to their primary services, they have expanded their offerings to include ancillary services such as Hospice care and home health. These additional services cater to seniors who may require advanced care, including physical therapy or end-of-life care. This comprehensive approach ensures that seniors can receive the care they need within the same community, promoting continuity of care throughout their journey.

The motivation behind this expansion was the recognition that seniors often transitioned out of their facilities when their health needs evolved and required a higher level of care. This transition could be stressful for both the seniors and the assisted living sales department. To address this, Adam and Mochi decided to create a seamless continuum of care by incorporating home health and Hospice services into their offerings. This approach allows seniors to remain within the same community as their needs change, ensuring their well-being and comfort throughout their entire journey.

Building Success through Referrals and Upskilling

Adam and Mochi place a significant emphasis on referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations to attract new talent to their senior living communities. Their reputation as a great company to work for has led to many employees and managers recommending the organization to their colleagues. This approach has proven to be highly effective in the recruitment process, contributing to their strong presence in the healthcare community.

While word-of-mouth referrals can be valuable, there is a potential challenge in ensuring that referred individuals are indeed competent for the job. Adam and Mochi acknowledge this concern and take a proactive approach to upskilling their staff to ensure they possess the right skills.

To address the upskilling process, they actively engage in training themselves, particularly when it comes to administration and sales. They recognize the importance of not solely relying on managers to train new staff. Instead, they take an active role in providing guidance and instruction. Additionally, they grant their team access to industry-related conferences and shows, such as the California Assisted Living Association conference, which offers continuing education opportunities.

Their commitment to heavy involvement in training and assistance reflects their dedication to the growth and success of their company. This approach ensures that their staff is well-prepared and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care and service to their residents.

Motivation Matters

Adam and Mochi place a strong emphasis on motivation when it comes to hiring and developing their staff. They believe that motivation is a fundamental quality that cannot be easily taught, and it forms the foundation for success in their organization. While they recognize that many other aspects of the job can be trained and learned, motivation is a characteristic that individuals must bring to the table.

In their hiring process, they seek candidates who demonstrate self-motivation, creativity, and excellent follow-up skills. These qualities are crucial in their senior living communities, where they encourage their staff to take the initiative, develop creative solutions, and report on their progress. They also highlight the importance of urgency in their staff. Seniors often require prompt and effective solutions to their needs, and their staff must be motivated to find those solutions. While Adam and Mochi provide support and training, they expect their employees to be self-starters who can manage issues independently, with minimal interference.

Balancing Excellence

Mochi emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach in the senior care industry. He believes that both providing exceptional care and creating a comfortable living environment are of equal importance, as they go hand in hand. Simultaneously, running a successful business to generate revenue is crucial, as it enables the allocation of resources to deliver the best care.

Mochi sees these aspects as interdependent and collaboratively vital to the success of their senior living communities. There is no strict hierarchy or prioritization among them; they are all integral components working together to create a thriving and well-rounded senior living environment.

Adam agrees with the emphasis on service, recognizing that without exceptional care and service, attracting and retaining clients would be challenging. He underscores the importance of investing in their facilities, as they believe that quality investments lead to impressive occupancy levels, which ultimately result in the successful operation of their senior living communities.

Enhancing Senior Care

Adam and Mochi actively engage with various programs designed to benefit seniors in their senior living communities. They seek to collaborate with any program that makes sense for the well-being of the seniors they serve. These programs aim to provide seniors with access to care at affordable prices, which is a crucial aspect of their approach to senior living.

In addition to participating in these programs, they also extend their involvement to assisting social workers from the county with challenging cases. This commitment reflects their dedication to providing comprehensive support and care to their residents, especially those who may face more complex or difficult circumstances.

While giving their team members access to the CEO level and fostering communication across all levels of the organization is beneficial for management, it ultimately serves the greater goal of providing high-quality care to seniors. This approach ensures that their team members have the resources and support they need to deliver exceptional service and care to the residents in their senior living communities.

Fostering a Supportive Workplace Culture

Adam and Mochi place a strong emphasis on appreciating and supporting their lower-level staff in their senior living communities. They believe that giving administration-level employees access to budgets for staff appreciation is an essential part of creating a positive work environment. This support takes various forms, including team raffles, holiday parties, providing luncheons, and covering extra shifts when needed.

They encourage their lower-level staff to take the initiative and show appreciation to their colleagues, which goes a long way in building a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Adam and Mochi also actively participate in various staff events and celebrations, such as birthday parties and community events. This hands-on approach allows them to connect with their staff and foster open communication and trust.

They recognize that in some organizations, there can be a hierarchical structure that leads to micromanagement, and they stress the importance of active involvement to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the performance and needs of their staff at all levels.

Expanding Horizons

Adam and Mochi currently focus their senior living and care business in California, but they express a strong desire to expand to other states and get involved in different communities. Their vision includes extending their home health and Hospice business to serve a wider community.

When they take over a building for their senior living communities, they have a systematic approach to rehabilitation and improvement. Their primary focus is on ensuring that quality care is provided to the residents. Once the care aspect is solid, they move on to beautifying the interior of the building to create a comfortable and happy living environment for the seniors. Finally, they work on rehabbing the exterior of the building to complete the transformation.

While they currently stay close to California to be able to visit their facilities often and maintain strong involvement, their long-term plans include expanding their reach to other cities and states over the next five years. This expansion would allow them to bring their vision and commitment to senior care to a broader range of communities and seniors.

Vision for Progress in Senior Care

Adam and Mochi’s vision and mission can be distilled into a single sentence: to provide an exceptional senior living experience at an affordable price for all. They equip their staff with the necessary tools and programs to make this vision a reality, ensuring that no resident is turned away due to financial constraints. In their approach, the well-being and satisfaction of their staff are of paramount importance, as they believe that happy and dedicated employees lead to superior resident care. This approach reflects their unwavering commitment to delivering quality and affordable senior living services while prioritizing the welfare of both residents and staff.

Adam and Mochi’s approach to management stands out for its commitment to innovation and openness to diverse perspectives. They actively seek to be different from the norm by hiring individuals from various industries, recognizing that the fusion of different backgrounds can lead to creative solutions.

Their willingness to teach and learn from their team members is a key component of their success. They have brought in professionals from diverse sectors, such as nonprofits, real estate, and hospitality, into their leadership team. This approach ensures a broad range of experiences and expertise, which they believe can lead to new and improved systems and solutions within their company. The culture they cultivate within their team is one of continuous learning and collaboration. They encourage team members to share their ideas and experiment with new approaches. In doing so, they strive to stay innovative and keep their senior care services in alignment with the evolving times.

Furthermore, Adam and Mochi acknowledge the potential of emerging technologies, such as AI, in the healthcare and senior care sectors. They recognize that even elderly and sick individuals can benefit from AI-based support. Their forward-thinking approach demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.



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