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Add-on Scans and Labs: Delivers Leading-edge Diagnostic Services with Precision & Quality

Dr. Sunil Kumar G S | Co-founder | CEO | Add-on Scans & Labs | Diagnostic Services | Insights Care

Medical diagnostics is a vital part of healthcare vertical which is flourishing with an impressive growth rate of 17 percent (consistently) for over a decade. Continuity in healthcare reforms, expanding economy, increased health awareness, and rise in diseases are pulling patients’ feet toward diagnostic centres. However, most of diagnostic centres in India are running by unorganized players due to which there is a huge dearth of quality and reliability of various diagnostic services.

To fill this gap and in order to cater accurate and cost-effective diagnostic services to the masses, Bengaluru-based Add on Scans and Labs was born. Since its inception in March 6th 2016, this company has won the trust of thousands of its satisfied patients and crafted a brand name for itself in the market. Its adept medical professionals, certified technologists, and supportive staff have provided world –class diagnostic services day-in day-out to the patients keeping ethical, patient safety, and compassionate measures in mind.

This ISO 9001-2015 certified diagnostic centre mainly focuses on providing cutting-edge services in Radiology and different health check-ups. Add on  is a NABH accredited diagnostic centre that provides meticulously curated personalized care to its patients that too under a world-class ambience and with the assistance of latest medical equipment (built by leading manufactures).

Its vision is to be the first choice in healthcare by providing high quality, cost effective services in order to improve the health status of those it serves. And by looking at its impressive journey till date, this dream may not take much time to become a reality.

The Company’s Success Saga

At the time of inception, Add-on was the standalone diagnostic centre on Sarjapur road, which is an IT hub of India’s silicon valley- Bengaluru. In its initial days, this medical start-up was only catering its services for Radiology (Ultrasonography & Medical X-ray), Laboratory services, and Health check-up services. Later on, it added few other tests, like pulmonary function test and Dental X-ray under its umbrella. It then also started specialized consultation services for Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Cardiology, and Skin related diseases.

The success of Add-on in such a shorter period of time can be gauged from the fact that its manpower and operating area has grown significantly over the years. In March 2018, it had 2000 square feet of area which was expanded by another 3500 square feet in April 2018. From a few medical professionals at the time of inception, today, it has 4 top radiologists along with 30 full time employees. In its first year, the company was performing 1000 ultrasonic scans per month, which impressively increased to 2000 per month because of its high quality diagnostic services and less turn-around time.

Unique Services that are pulling everyone’s Attention

This promising medical start-up delivers many top notch services to serve its patients better, like:

  • Ultrasound scans, Color Doppler Scans, 3D & 4D Scans, Digital Medical X ray, Dental X ray, ECG, 2D Echo cardiogram, Tread Mill Test, Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), and Comprehensive Laboratory Services
  • Specialist consultations like Obstetrics & Gynecology, Children Specialist, Physiotherapy, General Physician, Skin Specialist, and Cardiology
  • Provides various other interventional procedures like ultrasound guided biopsies & fine needle aspirations for cancers
  • Infertility evaluation like Hystero Salphingogram, to check patency of fallopian tubes
  • Minor surgical procedures like Injections, Dressing, Copper-T Insertion (Family planning)
  • Cosmetic procedures like radio frequency ablation, corn/wart removal, and autologous serum therapy for hair roots are carried out by skin specialist
  • Provides all kinds of vaccinations for children and adults

Reasons behind its Soaring Popularity

Add-on operates on 365 days a year to cater the diagnostic needs of its valuable patients. Also, its radiology services start as early as 7.30 am which offers great help to office goers.

Additionally, there are many reasons behind its burgeoning popularity. Some of those are:

  • Turn-around-time for scan reports is very less as compared to other diagnostic centers. A patient can collect a report within 5 minutes after finishing the scan.
  • Provides home sample collection facility for testing various diseases/disorders or any problems
  • Its ambience is not less than any premium luxurious hotel, where light ventilation provides positive vibes all though the day. The mesmerizing interior doesn‘t let customers feel like they are present in a hospital environment.
  • All reports can be accessed by mobile app, thus saves precious time of patients
  • There is ongoing learning, training, and development for all the staff and doctors every day so that they are focused on addressing the needs of the customers
  • Constant feedback system and effective reforms on timely basis keeps it ahead of its peers
  • Uses medical equipment manufactured from industry leaders like GE, Siemens, FUJIfilm, Carestream, Nihon Codhen, and so on

The Head Honchos of Add-on Scans and Labs

Dr. Sunil Kumar G S is the Founder and CEO of Add-on Scans and Labs. He is a renowned radiologist who has more than 15 years of vital experience in medical field. He has worked with many prominent hospitals, on global scale, as a radiologist in the past and is also working as a Chief Consultant Radiologist in Add-on Scans and Labs. On giving inputs about his future plans- Sunil shared many interesting details. “We have a goal to create 1000 employments by the end of 2021. We are expanding our operations every year and plan to set up 10 diagnostic centers in next 3 years,” stated Sunil. “We want to expand our services to other parts of India. We would like to be the first choice and house hold name for diagnostic needs in Bengaluru.”

Another key person who is taking this company towards the zenith of success is Sharadhi Suresh. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Add-on Scans and Labs. She has a major role in crafting the infra-structure and setting-up the benchmark of Add-on Scans & Labs.

Both Sunil and Sharadhi are passionate about healthcare and ambitious to set up largest healthcare system in India, which will be known for ethical medical practices and delivering compassionate healthcare at an affordable cost.

Always Ready to Extend its Support to the Under-privileged

The company is very active in social services. Add-on provides various healthcare services free of cost to help children living in orphanages. It has a team of specialist doctors who provides periodic health check-ups and medicines as well as delivers talks on health and hygiene. Till date, 400 children of 8 orphanages have been benefitted from this initiative.

To boost literacy in the rural parts of the country, it has launched another program to set up library in remote villages to inculcate the reading habits in children, youth, and adults.



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