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Clarity Medical: Improving Care with Comprehensive Products and Devices

Clarity Medical Pvt. Ltd | Insights Care

There are a very few Indian companies that have developed top grade electronic medical equipment. As the software sector is booming in India, the hardware sector has declined considerably, and so there is a dire need to develop significantly better hardware than the country’s foreign competitors in the healthcare diagnostic equipment industry. As per the data, there are only 7.6 doctors for every thousand people in India, and yet the cost of equipping even that small a number of physicians with ‘imported technology’ is unfeasibly high. So the question arises- how do we equip these physicians with a cheaper, but better alternative?

This is where Clarity Medical Pvt. Ltd. stepped in. Established in 2003 in Mohali, Punjab, it is a dedicated R&D company, engaged in innovation and manufacturing of medical equipment for critical care & super-specialties such as in Cardiology, Neurology, and other clinical applications.

Clarity is the only company in the country that has developed modules for the measurement of ‘All the 7 basic vital parameters indigenously i.e. EtCO2, SpO2, NiBP, iBP, ECG, Temperature, and Respiration.’

Having developed these modules in-house, Clarity retains absolute control over the development process, allowing it to bring together greater innovation to its products. “One such innovation is the drastic miniaturization of afore mentioned modules without having to compromise on precision,” asserts the company.

RECOBROTM Patient-Monitoring

It has successfully developed a full-fledged seven parameter patient monitor that will fit in the palm of the patient – RECOBROTM (L -111mm, W-78mm, and D-34 mm). It is a highly sophisticated multiparameter patient monitor with built in tele-monitoring capabilities. Its high sophistication can be attributed to it’s extremely compact design and superior – OT grade – performance. RECOBRO is the only device in the market that measures seven vital parameters all in one small device that is tiny enough to fit in the palm. It boasts greater artifact (noise) rejection than all its competition. Clarity Medical is the only company in the country to develop all these technologies indigenously and miniaturizing the hardware to such an extent.

Clarity calls its device the Recobro Tele-ICUTM service. The hardware and software components of this service include a Recobro device and a smart device application compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms. Recobro Tele-ICU service is a service built around the RecobroTM Patient Monitor. The scope of applications for this service is huge- from home care services and elderly care at home, in-hospital patient management, emergency services integration (ambulances etc.) to medical assistance for armed forces and field triage.

This service allows a medical practitioner access to their patients’ vitals on their smartphones remotely through its mobile app, the Recobro BunkTM. This way a physician is empowered to look upon multiple sick patients anywhere in the world and suggest prescription to them, accordingly, all at once


It is a variant of our EMG (electro myograph). The EasyTraceTM is able to perform seventeen diagnostic tests, six Nerve Conduction Study Tests, three Electromyography Tests, six Evoked Potential Tests, and two Autonomic Nervous System Tests.

Its EasyTraceTM device is the world’s first ultra-compact and portable EMG. There is a great need of competent medical practitioners in the isolated sections of the country. This provides the much needed paradigm shift to solve this problem.

Visits to isolated or underdeveloped areas are made infinitely more possible, since any conventional EMG is bulky and heavy to carry, making it impossible for field visits. The EasyTraceTM being an ultraportable device, speaking of this the company spokesperson asserts, “A scenario can be constructed such that a neurologist may be entrusted with an EasyTraceTM which could be carried by said neurologist to any medical facility they might visit. This would tremendously cut down on confusion created by machine-to-machine UI discrepancies and enable greater ease of use.”

Clarity’s other products include different variants of patient monitors, ECG , EMG , EEG , syringe pumps, spirometer, treadmill stress test machines, etc.

Upcoming Flagship Products

Clarity is currently working on launching a product, which will be a fully automated drug delivery system CLADS/CLAPS (Closed Loop Anesthesia delivery system/Closed Loop Arterial Pressure System). “This will be introduced this year and will also be the first of its kind in the whole world,” says the organization. Additionally, this upcoming flagship product –The CLADS/CLAPS System, is based, in parts, on the following US patent held by Dr. Goverdhan Dutt Puri of PGIMER: US9108013B2, entitled Automatic Anesthesia Delivery System

The uniqueness in its products comes with the design and development abilities. The innovation and research involved in creating such designs has only been done by Clarity because of its technology’s proprietary nature. The company’s unique design allows and equips any technician to make house calls for generating diagnostic reports, such as ECG, EMG, spirometry, and several other health conditions. This saves an elderly or a sick person’s visit to such diagnostic centers. Furthermore, its devices being equipped with tele monitoring, sends the data reports directly to their concerned physician fast tracking the patients’ wellness for rapid results.

Clarity’s Patented Technology

Clarity Medical has two Indian patents and one industrial design active under its name. These are:

  • Indian Patent Application Number: 2866/DEL/2011A
    • Entitled: Stable Arm Mechanism in Treadmill
  • Indian Patent Application Number: 201811026265
    • Entitled: A Method, System, and Apparatus for Remote Patient
  • Indian Design Application Number: 297491
    • Entitled: Wearable Ultra Compact Vital Parameter and Acquisition Monitoring Device

Furthermore, the device – IV Alert – conceptualized at PGIMER, developed and commercialized by Clarity Medical, has been awarded the Healthcare Excellence Award (2017, 9th edition) by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) under the category of Patient Safety (Hospital).



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