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Noble Diagnostic Centre: Bringing Value to Diagnostic Needs of the Society

Dr. Upinder Singh | Head Operations & Consultant Pathologist | Noble Diagnostic Centre | Insights Care

We only have one future, and it will be made of our dreams, if we have the courage to challenge convention”−Soichiro Honda

Established in the year 2000 in the historic city of New Delhi, Noble Diagnostic Centre is anorganization, which strongly believes in these ethics and noble standards. Quality, accurate results, patient service with care and compassion, and bringing value to diagnostic needs of the society, forms the life line of the Centre and are the values on which the organization has laid the foundation stone.  Founded by Dr. Renuka Wadhwa, the Director and Consultant Radiologist, Noble Diagnostic Centre started as a centre of excellence for Ultrasound and Colour Dopplers.

Over the years Noble has also successfully diversified into the field of laboratory medicine; by adopting latest techniques, inducting highly skilled professionals, and introducing latest state of the art analyzers from USA, Germany, Sweden, France, and Japan. It has been awarded the prestigious NABL Accreditation, the highest level of accreditation for clinical laboratories in India, for compliance to ISO 15189:2012 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration laboratories.

Thought and Skilled Leadership

Dr. Renuka is a Consultant in Radiology with special interest in Pregnancy Ultrasounds, Colour Dopplers and Radiographic Studies. She commenced her medical studies at the prestigious Lady Harding Medical College and after completing her MBBS she went on to do a post graduate degree in Radiology at Maulana Azad Medical College. With over twenty five years of experience in Radiology, Dr. Renuka is known for her holistic approach to patient care, providing its ultrasound unit services, with both expertise and warmth. Her expertise in Ultrasonography, including Doppler & 3D Ultrasonography, is what guarantees that their patients receive highly professional medical opinions when visiting their facility.

Journey of Noble Diagnostic Centre

In 2012, one of Noble’s leaders Dr. Upinder Singh, the Head Operations and Consultant Pathologist witnessed the power of laboratory automation at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona during his internship there. “Thousands of samples were being processed in a matter of hours with minimal errors utilizing a track based automation system by Siemens,” he says. This motivated him to provide high end investigations at affordable prices, by leveraging automation to process huge volumes and lowering costs.

A big issue in the diagnostic space is the inability of medium size referral labs to provide a broad test menu. Noble Diagnostic Centre’s position is the industry is unique, since it serves as a referral laboratory for other referral labs.  It provides as large a test menu as some corporate giants to its customers at reasonable rates. Thus, it ultimately reduces the cost of high end investigations to the end customer as well.

Products and Services Offered

Noble offers a plethora of Radiological and Laboratory investigations under one roof. In addition to serving patients it also perform specialized laboratory investigations for other laboratories. A couple of years back, it has also ventured into the field Molecular Pathology under the name of Genomics Laboratory and its forte includes Syndromic testing using Multiplex PCRs. Speaking of this service Dr. Upinder asserts, “Multiplexing is the future in syndromic testing and helps us derive at a diagnosis almost 90% of the time. In addition to reaching a diagnosis quicker it also helps reduce the financial burden to the patients. For example, we perform a multiplex PCR for sexually transmitted diseases that detects seven pathogens in a single test for as low as 5000INR to the end customer whereas you would pay the same amount for each pathogen at some other known lab.”

The Centre has recently ventured into Andrology (the medical specialty that deals with male health, particularly relating to the problems of the male reproductive system and urological problems that are unique to men.)Infertility is on the rise and Noble saw a huge gap in the market as there were hardly any companies offering investigations for male infertility. It already has some unique offerings in this segment and hopes to increase its catalogue of services in the future.

Why Choose Noble?

“We are unique in the products we offer including our flagship multiplex PCR’s,” says Dr. Upinder. What makes the center unique is its ability to provide widely unavailable investigations at unheard of prices, without compromising on the technology used and the quality of results.  The center has   gone to great lengths to build up volumes for these investigations in the pan India region and the volumes have enabled Noble to offer price points that its competitors fail to match or even come close to. The entire team strives for perfection and provides the highest level of diagnostic care to patients, rich and poor alike. “We conduct health checkup camps in small villages every month through local doctors,” says Dr. Upinder. “We can surely do more and intend to impart health education at root levels as we’ve seen an absolute lack of the same.”

The reliability and authenticity of the quality of work done at Noble is borne out of the fact that doctors and their families usually prefer to get their own investigations done at the centre.

Future Goals  

The team of Noble strives to fulfill its dream to improve and advance its services with every rising day, Dr. Upinder says, “It’s kind of hard to explain but me and my team derive a lot of pleasure by adding new tests to our menu. By offering, innovative tests at affordable prices and with maximum reach we wish to fulfill the needs of our clients.” Not only does this provide its customers a broader menu, but the team also learns a lot about the technicalities, the clinical implications, the pitfalls, and the necessary interpretations that add value not only to its results, but also to its services. “I often compare our work to that of a chef at a fine restaurant, the results that we offer depend a lot on our knowledge, equipment and the love and honesty with, which we handle and process every specimen,” quotes the doctor.



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