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Arrien Pharmaceutical LLC: Raising the Benchmark in Cancer Research

Arrien Pharmaceuticals
Arrien Pharmaceuticals

As the global leaders in Pharmaceutical Industry, the United States of America is home to some of the most reputed pharmaceutical companies alongside Europe. As clinical science and innovative technology play a crucial role in defining the roadmap for the future, a majority of the companies are embracing a data-driven approach. While patented drugs take a lion’s share of pharmaceutical revenues, Oncology is one of the leading therapeutic-class based on annual earnings.

Arrien Pharmaceutical LLC is a name to reckon within the US as well as the global market when it comes to treating cancer patients. A “FIELDS” technology-driven biopharmaceutical company, it focuses on the discovery and development of innovative and effective drug candidates for the treatment of human cancers. The company currently has three drug candidates for oncology and two other programs in development for non-oncology indications.

Developing small molecules targeting protein kinase signaling, nuclear hormone receptor and immuno-oncology/checkpoint pathway targets for treating human cancers, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, it explores every opportunity to bring a revolution in the medical domain. Since its inception in 2011, the experienced scientific, clinical and business team has been the key to the company’s success that is headquartered at Salt Lake City, UT – USA.

How Arrien Pharmaceutical Makes the Difference

Elaborating the current pain areas in the society, the team adds, “Unmet medical needs in Ovarian Cancer, TNBC & AML, but Chemotherapy is not specific, highly toxic, ineffective & not durable. Biologics based Immuno-Oncology (I-O) therapeutics effective only in selective populations, expensive, require infusions and no durable remissions”.

Aiming to eradicate or altleast reach upto countless affected people, Arrien Pharmaceutical continues to work in the most ‘affected’ and ‘complex’ areas. It solved promiscuity and off-target binding problems enabling most efficacious, lowest toxicity, targeted small molecule I-O Rx. Oral, low tox, therapeutic/immunotherapeutic Rx category. Rx molecularly targeted, strong binding, durable remissions.

Sustainability is the Key to Success

The company is at the forefront of adapting disruptive technological innovations and the development of cutting-edge solutions. Acknowledging the need to be a step ahead, the company embraces and introduces multiple tech-enabled advancements as per requirements. Below are the noticeable advancements in the technology space.

  • Empirical/Real Target binding Data of 547,400 Data points in IC50/Ki/Kd/EC50 readouts coupled with ™FIELDS technology, integrated with >4600 RO3/Fragments screened against 119 Druggable Targets training set lead to the rapid discovery of Fragments-2-Lead into clinical stage of development.
  • Real data driven discovery of novel, small molecules utilizing validated disease targets through Empirical/Real data and FIELDS technology lead to the successful partnering of Phase 1 agent to Boston Pharmaceuticals, now anticipated to enter into Phase 2 clinical trials is a clear translation and competitively sustain from disruptive technologies or cutting-edge solutions out there.

Awards and Accolades

The progress of ARN-6039 into Phase 1 development marks the milestone of Arrien Pharmaceuticals into a clinical-stage organization. ARN-6039, now called BOS172767 was partnered with Boston Pharmaceuticals in 2017, was yet another landmark for the company.


The company works with a vision to focus on discovery and development research of new drugs to treat patients where the current therapeutics are inadequate. However, in its quest to deliver the optimum results, it also faces countless challenges at the same time.

On different occasions, clinical trials and development activities get affected due to significant Phase 1 and 2 trial costs and investments. The Series A raise has delayed the early-stage development to the clinical stage of development and is affecting the company’s timeline. Currently Arrien Pharmaceutical is working towards preventing funding issues to initiate first in human clinical trials in its oncology programs.

The Roadmap Ahead

The core team is highly optimistic about the future of Arrien Pharmaceutical as they have set their objectives and are working for the same. On a concluding note, the team adds that “Oral, small molecule discovery capabilities with strong IP through FIELDS technology is the key to the success of company and future therapeutics development”.

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