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Profounda, Inc. – Saving Lives through Medication

Profounda, Inc
Profounda, Inc

The changes in lifestyle, due to various factors, has made people prone to various diseases and infections. People today expect doctors to treat them quickly and with efficiency. This efficient treatment, in turn, relies on drugs and medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies who have evolved with support from technology. The generic medicines developed by these companies have shown significant growth in demand and efficiency according to the FDA. The main reason behind this is the cost-effectiveness of generic drugs.

While most of the pharmaceutical companies solely rely on developing the proprietary drugs, Profounda, Inc. aims at developing high-quality, specialty-niche pharmaceutical products in branded as well as generic pharmaceutical markets. Research being the backbone of any pharmaceutical company, Profounda along with its research team, is taking the initiative to develop a first to file generic microsphere Rx product. The company, despite being relevantly new in the field of pharmaceuticals, is focused on improving lives through medication with the help of its highly qualified team.

Profounda was started in the year 2013. It acquired the license to market its first product Impavido (Miltefosine) in the US market and soon, introduced its 50 mg capsules. It is said that the product was the only oral treatment for Leishmaniasis (cutaneous, mucosal and visceral). The company is evolving from relying on contract manufacturers to building and running its manufacturing facility for its products.

The Ingenious Mind behind Profounda

Todd MacLaughlan, Founder and CEO of Profounda, Inc. started his career as a sales representative in 1983 at Syntex Pharmaceuticals. His career took on many roles in sales, marketing, international marketing, and product planning. He was also into licensing and business development to running contract manufacturing organizations in the solid dose and sterile areas.

With such a vast experience, Todd was able to raise $7.5 Million in start-up private equity to start Profounda. Due to his abilities, now, Profounda has various products in the Rx and OTC segments in the USA in addition to running a manufacturing operation.

Remarkable Products

Through the years, Profounda has been able to deliver unique and novel products that are said to relieve people from various is ailments. There are a few products that stand out from others.

Impavido, along with helping patients with the disfiguring Leishmaniasis condition, has also been used to help patients survive with the very rare condition of Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM). PAM, a free-living amoeba and two other forms of the amoeba (Balamuthia and Acanthamoeba) have also found Impavido to help treat these very rare conditions. PAM is fatal and the chance of death is said to be 97%.

Apart from Impavido, the company also offers a range of nasal moisturizers – Rhinase/Xynase. It offers a drug-free solution to patients dealing with nasal dryness associated with allergy, low humidity, nose bleeds and congestion (stuffy noses). Todd says, “In the case of our OTC nasal moisturizers, our customers now have a drug free choice to manage the symptoms of nasal dryness associated with their allergies or low humidity conditions. While nasal dryness sounds innocuous, having daily nosebleeds due to nasal dryness can greatly affect the quality of life of our patients and the Rhinase line of products are unique in how they solve this difficult issue.”

Overcoming the Obstacles

Compared to large companies, small companies have a limitation on the capital as well as the people with the desired experience ready to work for the company. But, staying focused on the business was never compromised by Profounda.

Being dominated by large companies, it is difficult for a start-up to manage the revenue and arrange to fund for research and development. Profounda being unique since the very start has never let this affect the company’s vision.

Todd adds, “Profounda is unique. Despite being a small company, we are accomplishing a lot of goals related to product development as well as sales and profitability.”

Roadmap to Success

In the year 2016, Profounda announced that its product, Impavido was used to successfully treat a 16-year old patient at Florida Hospital for Children, in Orlando. The patient was diagnosed with an infection of Naegleria fowleri commonly known as the “Brain-eating Amoeba”. Apart from that, recently, Impavido has been also suggested by the CDC for the treatment of Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM). PAM is known to cause brain infection by the water-born amoeba Naegleria fowleri.

Profounda will continue to build and expand the organization and its capabilities. It will also further develop the contract manufacturing and product development. The company envisions to build a cosmetic brand to diversify its revenue stream.



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