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Caresoft: At the Helm of the Digital Healthcare Revolution

Smita Kumar Co-Founder Caresoft
Smita Kumar | Co-Founder Caresoft

Technology and automation are such an integral part of our life that we often do not think about the impact it has. From individual usage to industries like healthcare and automobile, technology is ever pervasive. In the field of business may it be a healthcare industry, words like automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence have become familiar. Health businesses today have an idea about what it entails and understands the significance of adopting technology and automation.

For these businesses looking at using technology and automation, the key is to identify the functions that need tech intervention, the efficiencies and results it can provide and the level of disruption the transition process is likely to create. Once these three variables are accounted for, it should not hesitate to embrace technology and automation.

Caresoft Hospital Information System is a global healthcare IT company offering a broader array of options through software-as-a-service(SaaS).

The Iconic Company

Established in March 2007, situated in Mumbai, Caresoft engages in the development and support of software, services, and solutions. With an extensive experience of 13 years and serving over 500 health care providers, Caresoft’s sofware solutions are designed by healthcare industry experts. These experts are experienced doctors, accreditors, management and financial consultants, and healthcare process professionals to benefit care providers the most.

The productivity and business process segment comprises products and services in productivity, communication, and information services spanning over a number of platforms.

Caresoft facilitates care providers remarkably like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and medical colleges. The software services are developed with emphasis on information management, optimized resource management, and enhanced patient care delivery resulting in measurable business value.

The intelligent cloud services of Caresoft can be accessed by authorized clientele which can power modern business operation. The more customized software encompasses services geared towards the requirements of end users.

The Start-up Journey

Applying latest technology like MVC architecture, AI, and modern software development practices, Caresoft ensured embracing modernistic implementation through its services.

The solutions were designed with exclusive features like device, OS and platform independence, and inbuilt business intelligence tools.

It developed new modules like infection control, revenue cycle management and use of IoT in hospital management. Caresoft integrated latest UI and UX interfaces with fully modernized software combining responsive design pages that could be customized according to the devices like laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

This user friendly approach helped ensuring patient centric systems with easy accessibility to doctors. And within a span of 3 years Caresoft established itself in the healthcare IT firm as a leading solution provider.

Values in action

Caresoft has revolutionized the healthcare ecosystem providing them the below mentioned tailor-made products:

Caresoft Hospital Information System (HIS)

HIS is an application software used by medical organizations to simplify their clinical, financial and administration processes. The system facilitates seamless flow of data across various hospital departments and helps them to effectively manage critical data operations. The system is complaint to ICD 10, CPOE, HL7and reports are as per ISO, NABH, and MCI guidelines.

It enables doctors, management and other authorized users to share data and streamline processes efficiently across the organization.

Caresoft’s dedicated cloud practice enables stakeholders to access information regardless of location through any device like tablets and smartphones.

Caresoft Lab Information System

CareLIS is a complete LIS for independent, commercial, diagnostic and research labs. The lab tasks including order entry, result entry, bar-codes, phlebotomy, user-definable reports, online lab report printing, and analyzer interfaces can be executed using LIS.

Caresoft Clinic Information System

Caresoft CIS is an extremely powerful browser based, practice management solution for clinics and branches that drive patient care and profitability of the clinic.

It facilitates secure, robust features, user friendly interfaces and functionalities with powerful dashboards for patients, doctors and users.

Trustworthy Computing

Caresoft believes in the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. Actively engaging itself in different perspectives has made it competitive and noteworthy. Following are its muliple engagements:


Caresoft Consultancy Private Limited is India’s leading healthcare IT company providing World Class software solutions to healthcare providers globally. It has a client base of over 500 clients and a hardcore domain experience of more than 13 years.

Hospital Suggest

Hospital Suggest is an easy and hassle free online platform for patients which connects them with health care providers according to their requirements. Care seekers availing the online platform are verified by medical experts.

For appropriate medical advice the experts with the help of the platform can scrutinize the patients health records, diagnostic reports, past medical history, etc and are directed to the healthcare providers with the right doctors and medical facilities.


Caresoft provides an online news portal for the healthcare ecosystem. Medicircle provides the most credible & relevant medical news empowering medical practitioners, professionals, and organizations.

The Leader Who Helms Healthcare Enterprises

Smita Kumar- is the Co-Founder of Caresoft Group. She possesses 15 years of industry acumen in the technology and product development within the healthcare domain.

Ever since setting up Caresoft in 2007 she has developed a deep longing for technology and its use to solve organizations operational queries. Her emphasis on creative and critical thinking has enabled Caresoft to improve client productivity through best served products, blogs, and consulting.

Besides professional skills, Smita is an excellent speaker delivering keynote speeches on various subjects.

Smita’s active participation and efforts has yielded a reputed chain of clients for Caresoft. One of the utmost beneficiaries and prominent clients of Caresoft is Surya Mumbai, one of India’s best mother and child care hospitals. The more specifically designed software for its investors and auditors has proved to be greatly useful for the firm which has established a strong client-customer relationship.

Imagining a better future

Given its growing stature, the company in the period ahead has planned its outreach in all the geographies of India, and is presently marking its presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India.

Caresoft has become a global recognition delivering unambiguous software services and products in countries viz Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa, Maldives, Oman, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Gabon, Zambia.

The company actively operates with its clients in nine countries, and by 2020 aims to have a presence in Asia Pacific regions, SAARC countries, MENA region, and ASEAN countries.

The future plan of this company also includes launching the following features and technology soon, like:

· Comprehensive EMRS for specialities like oncology & Dermatology

· Use of Private BlockChain using Ethereum Virtual Machine for patient EMR and audit trail

· Designing new modules for infection control, Ayurveda



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