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FORTIS Healthcare Limited: Strengthening the Healthcare Industry with a Patient-Centric Approach

Dr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi MD & CEO Fortis Healthcare Limited
Dr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi MD | CEO Fortis Healthcare Limited

India’s healthcare needs are numerous and complex, requiring collaborative partnership between private and public healthcare institutions. The private sector has contributed significantly with public hospitals to build the preventive and curative healthcare landscape in India. Many private hospitals today, offer quality clinical care at affordable costs, in compliance with international quality standards. However, trust among patients and providers is still an important area that needs to be addressed.

Quality delivery outcomes, transparency in pricing, improved access to healthcare providers, co-opting stakeholders in decision making are some of the measures that can help to build the trust. On our quest to find ‘The 10 Most Ingenious Healthtech Companies to Watch’, we have come across Fortis Healthcare Limited, a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider, which aims to build trust among the different stakeholders in the healthcare space. The company has been consistently advocating for public-private partnerships as it believes it is the need of the hour.

The healthcare verticals of Fortis primarily comprise hospitals, diagnostics centers and daycare specialty facilities. As of 2020, the company operates its healthcare delivery services in India with 27 healthcare facilities and over 410 diagnostics centers.

The journey of Fortis in the last two decades has seen numerous healthcare initiatives under its area of focus that includes Clinical Excellence, Patient-centric Care, Talent Engagement, Community Connect, and Investor Confidence.

Patient-Oriented Services

Fortis offers specialty services combined with advanced technology in surgical interventions. It provides patient-centric care in the key areas of the medical field that includes: oncology, organ transplant, cardiology, pediatrics, nephrology, neurology, orthopedics, robotic surgery, mental health, etc.

Fortis follows a scientific approach to medicine combining it with educational programs. These programs emphasize on development of excellence in the clinical skills required for effective medical practice. Academics and Research are also an integral part of the company. It supports the clinicians in research, publications, conferences and other academic activities, that not only help physicians to treat ailments, but also ensure the wellness of the patients.

What Sets it Apart?

Fortis Healthcare is the first hospital network in India to implement and monitor clinical outcomes and many firsts in India to its credit. This initiative strengthens the company’s commitment to patient-centricity by striving towards continuous clinical excellence through improvement and enhancement of its clinical services.

According to the company, constant evaluation of its clinical outcomes against global standards motivate its medical workforce to continuously improve all aspects of its practice. Fortis claims to be one of the very few healthcare companies in India that offer specialized treatment services in cardiac care, oncology, neurology, and pulmonology. Cutting edge clinical medicine is moving towards minimal invasive techniques, precision and personalized medicine. We are continuously working in that direction and have advanced centres of robotics, nuclear medicine, oncosciences and neurosciences.

It is equally important to ensure warm empathetic care and handholding families during their treatment and Fortis has developed a culture of patient centricity with focus on each family during their stay in hospital and beyond

Across India, Fortis offers specialized services to international patients, who require critical treatment for rare conditions. These hospitals have clinicians and staff who offer seamless patient services of world-class quality at extremely competitive prices.

Accreditation and Awards

Fortis has five Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals. JCI accreditation is viewed as the gold standard in the global healthcare community. Additionally, its hospitals are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Hospital & Healthcare Providers (NABH). Fortis follows NABH’s protocols that are recognized as a quality benchmark in the healthcare industry in India.

Many of the company’s hospitals have received NABH Nursing Excellence certificates, testifying the high quality of nursing care at its facilities. Recently, Fortis hospitals bagged 10 awards at the FICCI Medical Travel Value Awards 2019

Equipped to Combat Industry Challenges

The company believes hospital care is always fraught with challenges of successful service. It also believes that constantly striving for clinical excellence and patient-centricity requires good doctors, specialized infrastructure, advanced medical technology in line with global best practices, allied staff and caregivers.

To combat the above challenges, Fortis has dedicated nurses, paramedics, superlative leaders, and support staff that form the bulk of its hospital staff. These people firmly believe in the company’s mission of ‘Saving and enriching lives’. They are committed to Fortis’ patients with empathy, humility and dignity and act as the organization’s prime source of motivation.

Fortis considers that the challenge lies in the ability to adapt and innovate as per the changing dynamics of the industry. If these are seamlessly integrated, advanced and efficient ways of accomplishing tasks and solving problems can be developed. Fortis is committed to leveraging  technology for efficient and better patient care. We are working in AI in different areas across some specialties are excited by potential future application in clinical space.

Innovation at Hand

Some of Fortis’s hospitals such as Fortis Escorts have pioneered many kinds of advanced surgical interventions for best outcomes. Equipped with the highest expertise and cutting-edge medical technology, the institute has set competitive benchmarks in Cardiac Bypass Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Non-invasive Cardiology, and Pediatric Cardiology. The Department of Oncology at Fortis offers comprehensive care under medical, surgical and radiation oncology in diagnosing and treating patients. Fortis has personalized treatments for various cancer types with apt use of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy.

Fortis healthcare continues to invest heavily in technology and standardization of processes. The company believes these are critical for its growth and its patient-centric goals and also to provide a remarkable back-end support system for its objectives.

Investing in the Future

Fortis continues to provide quality care to its patients on which its foundation stands today. For forthcoming years, Fortis plans to invest substantially in capital expenditure over the course of FY 2020. The company wants to expand capacity and add new technologies and therapies to its existing hospitals. A  substantial capital expenditure budget  has been earmarked for 2020 for the hospital business consisting of growth and maintenance across its network of hospitals.

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