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Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Nutrition: Advocating and Empowering Skill-Development

Nandan Gijare CEO I2CAN | Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Nutrition
Nandan Gijare | CEO I2CAN

The wellness and beauty industry in India has rapidly evolved from being a highly unstructured ecosystem in the 90s to a more active and growing sector today. With health and wellness becoming mainstream, this industry expects a massive boom in the coming years. Recent estimates by FICCI and EY suggest that the industry will grow at a CAGR of nearly 12% for the next 5 years, and reach an estimated high of Rs 1.5 trillion by 2020. The biggest challenge in the growth of this industry is the unavailability of trained manpower. The I2CAN (Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Nutrition) is committed to ensuring that trained manpower is available and hence, fuelling the growth of the industry.

About the Institute

I2CAN (Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Nutrition) started with the vision of creating world-class skills in the field of Wellness and Beauty industry. Its motto is to make these courses available to everyone and Empower them with the wealth of knowledge. In the past 4 years, we have worked relentlessly and trained more than 1000 doctors.

I2CAN courses are written with doctors in mind. These courses cover the widest spectrum of subjects in the industry ranging from advanced treatments on cosmetology, trichology, scientific weight management, and nutrition. These courses are job oriented and impart the right skills to individuals who are interested to work in Wellness and Beauty industry. These courses are equally helpful to entrepreneurs who want to set up their own practice.

It has invested in creating a “state of the art infrastructure” for our students. It makes all the latest equipment available to our students so that they can get hands-on experience. IICAN has a policy of “extensive hands-on” for all its students to provide them the real-life experience they need to give word class service to their customers after finishing their course.

All its courses are uniquely modular and they can be completed by students at “their own pace”. This helps students to upgrade their knowledge and move to the next level of sophistication without leaving their current job. We call it “earn while you learn”.

It also provides specialist help and support to entrepreneurs who want to start their own business after completing these courses in multiple ways. It also provides free courses on HR, Finance, and Marketing for them to understand the intricacies of these subjects. Alongside it also assists and supports in procuring the right equipment. As this industry is booming, there are ample job opportunities available. If students are interested in getting placed, then the institute also supports them in getting the right jobs to post their training.

Course Details

Clinical Cosmetology: Clinical cosmetology deals with advanced non-invasive skin treatments. The course starts with the basics of skin (layers, types, analysis of skin) and goes on to cover advanced skin treatments using machines. These machines include Skin Analyzer, Hi Frequency, Galvanic, Faradic, Ultrasonic, Sebisper, Skin Tightening, Ionoporation, Cauterization and Microdermabrasion. This course also covers different types of peels (e.g. chemical, herbal, vegetable, fruit, etc.) and their application.

Advanced Skin Aesthetics and Laser: Advanced skin aesthetics course complements the clinical cosmetology course. It starts with the use of lasers for various advanced skin treatments and goes on to cover more advanced aspects like PRP, mesotherapy and micro-needling based treatments (derma rollers and derma pen).

Medical Trichology: Medical trichology course starts with anatomy and physiology of hair and scalp. It then goes on to cover various problems related to hair (e.g. hair fall, dandruff etc.) and treatments for the same (e.g. Analysis using derma scope, hydration therapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), microneedling, mesotherapy etc.).

Clinical Diet: Clinical diet course starts with basic concepts in diet and nutrition. It then goes on to cover diet chart preparation for patients. We cover more than 20 different types of Diet plans depending of different circumstances.

Scientific Weight Management: This course starts with study of different systems in body including muscular, lymphatic, digestive, urinary and endocrine. It then covers problems and risks associated with excess weight and finally covers different machines used for weight loss. These machines include faradic, G5, U-lipo, cryolipolysis, heat pads and vacuum.

Summary of course offering is as follows:

Diploma in Cosmetology1.5 Months
Diploma in Trichology1 Month
Certificate in Advanced Skin Aesthetics and Laser1.5 Months
Diploma in Clinical Diet & Nutrition2 Months
Diploma in Scientific Weight Management by Machines1 Months


Institute’s Commitment

  • State of the art facility to learn latest technologies
  • Complete support in setting up your practice
  • 100% placement assistance for all students
  • Senior faculty for high class education
  • Learn at your own pace


At the Helm of the Institute

Nandan Gijare, CEO of I2CAN  is a dynamic visionary with a strong affiliation to most challenging and ever growing fields of Health and Wellness. He has worked in the services industries for more than 18 years which gave a wider exposure about latest professional/ management practices in western world also. As a response to the manpower and talent requirements of current industries, our multifaceted visionary has perfectly balanced the educational needs with practical training by starting IICAN (Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Nutrition). He is responsible to provide leadership and insights to grow and make it a world class institute.



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