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Why Choose Walking as an Exercise?


There are various ways to keep fit. The body is like an engine that needs frequent greasing. When you don’t go for proper servicing, you tend to suffer in the long run. But in most cases, the pain doesn’t wait till you get old, it comes with lots of predicament, and even at a younger age.

For my ease to attain a better health state, I chose walking over running. For example; to avoid any form of wear and tear on the body, it’s pretty much good going walking than running.

Think of it this way, you don’t need to go through the intense pavement to get a great workout.

Think you love to walk?

According to the studies carried out by the American Heart Association’s Journal of Arteriosclerosis, Vascular Biology, and Thrombosis, they concluded that “ there is an equivalent energy expenditure by vigorous running exercise and moderate walking produced, and this goes with a similar risk reduction for hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and possibly CHD.”

To discuss the extent of stress involved in our health; we all know that it is very dangerous to play with stress. It is easy to manage stress by walking than it is by running. Running is liable to cause more stress than walking can do because walking takes less of your energy while refilling you with better relief. High cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease are very easily handled with exercises like walking. Whichever way, you are advised to take up some exercise daily.

Everybody needs exercise. From children to adults and even the older ones needs some form of upkeep. To achieve a good stand on health, you need to engage in some form of exercise. The question that comes up sometimes, will be; which form of exercise do I need? What is really the best for me? I will not be siding so much with any particular exercise, but with a slight of my convenience, I will be talking more about the importance of walking over running.

Need Easy but Efficient Exercise? Think Walking

  1. Less stress on the immune system

When you are walking, unlike running, especially when long-distance running is involved, you don’t seem to tax your immune system. Dr. Uwe Schutz said that; Long-distance runners have the easiest potential of being infected or they are more susceptible to developing infections. He is from the University Hospital of Ulm, Germany, and he made this known in his words to Reuters Health. You train to run a marathon race, but you should know that tissue is being touched as well. If you are to walk, then, you have a better place to reduce the undue burdens placed on the body’s immune system.

  1. Healthy Heart

The main point of the exercise can be related to the heart. The heart is the central system that circulates blood throughout the rest of the system. The function of the heart has made it very crucial to keep it very healthy and intact. The exercise that may be increasing the troponin subtypes of protein in the body can cause cardiovascular damage and that can easily come from running.

Troponin being a major component of cardiac muscle stays at a stable rate when you take more time in walking than the extensive involvement in running. I advise that walking takes more of your time than running. In most cases, you have to walk up the staircase, down to the next shop on the street, and even in your bedroom or office room, but you don’t know the beautiful metabolic sequence that is going on in your body.

Researchers discovered that 24 runners that are 40 percent out of 60 runners developed signs of myocardial necrosis, which is irreversible damage to heart muscle cells. In other research, they also discovered at least 10 studies from 2004 to 2006 that documented a decrease in myocardial damage through only walking; this shows that there is no evidence that brisk walking can destroy heart muscle or cause any form of damage to the cells.

  1. Less Susceptible to Osteoarthritis

The more we need exercise, the more we need to be sure of what really we need out of every choice we make. According to the study of risk versus reward in exercise considering the possible effects that exercising has on our hips, knees, and other joints, the verdict is still undecided. It is obvious that the reward is superseding the negatives, but at a certain level, it all depends on which type of exercise that one chooses.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, running doesn’t cause osteoarthritis, but if you’ve been running for a long time and possibly incurred injuries of which most runners are victims, and then you are not far from depleting the joint of the lubricating glycoproteins, and this can disrupt the collagen network, slowly wear away the cartilage, and cause numerous microfractures in the underlying bones. To stay safe while exercising, take more time walking than running.

  1. Healthy Cartilage

The cartilage is found in between the bones. The position of this part of the body made it very relevant to consider when moving is the topic. The faster the movement, the higher the friction on the particle. So we need to choose the exercise which will not cause any harm to any part of the body and in any form. Walking involves less friction or difficulty with balance in this part of the body. So stay on the safe side, choose what your best approach is.

Researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to monitor biochemical changes in articular cartilage, but recorded a static level in the state of this part, even after three months of reduced activity. The medial compartment and patellofemoral joint of the knee showed the greatest wear and tear, which suggested a higher risk for degeneration and more reason to stick to walking than running.

  1. Lower the Risk of Heat Stroke

I know you love yourself so much and will do everything to keep fit and stay strong. When summer is around the corner, walking is very much advisable and easier. Summer feels good, but while running, you need to be careful because it can lead to multi-organ dysfunction. Walking can lead to this ailment, but less likely to do that when compared to running.

The benefits of walking are numerous and likely the easiest way to stay healthy and fit. The most interesting thing is that it takes very little from you and you will stay up to expectations. While in your house or anywhere else you are likely to walk, so this should be a habit if you really want to enjoy a good state of health.



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