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Some Mobile Apps to Download During Your Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave.


For a new mother juggling a bundle of joy, house errands, and official calls of duty, obviously, it becomes a little difficult to manage all the chores. It is not possible to complete everything by yourself and occasionally a little help can go a long way. With technological advancements trickling into almost all facets of our life, one thing you can do is use your phone to assist you with your maternity leave.

Here we have some useful apps that you should definitely take a look at during your early days of motherhood:

Glow Nature

Glow Nature is a dazzling and data-driven pregnancy tracker for pregnant users to embrace pregnancy, maternity, and the expecting baby bump! This is a next-generation app for the new mom-to-be, allowing her to track her health and her baby’s growth, track her weight, nutritional intake, and moods (and even get alerts and assistance from the experts), keep track of all of those upcoming doctor’s appointments, and swap information and share articles with other members of the community. Quite a fun social app for preggos!

Plus, there’s a feature available by which your partner can view all of this information so he/she can follow your pregnancy journey along with you.

White Noise Baby

This app is the best solution to comfort your baby. It helps the baby to relax, stop crying, and have a sound and peaceful sleep. It is a sound-based application that includes perfectly entwined resonances that your baby will love such as taking a car ride, conch shell, classical music, and Doppler ultrasound of the womb. White Noise Baby helps your child sleep by blocking interruptions and reducing stress. When you are out in public, and a situation arises where you need to quiet the baby, this app is of great help. It also includes a baby rattle that has complex shapes and fun sounds to keep your baby entertained.


You obviously don’t want your baby to be underfed or overfed. Want an expert to keep a check on your baby’s feedings? There’s an app for that—and it’s free. Besides helping you track your baby’s key activities and growth, MyMedela is an app that offers you nursing tips and product suggestions. You can easily record pumping, feedings, diaper changes and sleep schedules, and their problem-solver feature also provides instant expert guidance and help. This app distinctively offers personalized content, proactive guidance and guidelines that can lead to a positive breast milk feeding experience for the mom and the baby. It is like having a breastfeeding expert on call 24×7.

Milk Maid

This is another helpful app designed to help moms pump and manage their stash of breast milk. It helps with recording pumping phases and quickly viewing your inventory of frozen and fresh milk in multiple locations. You can send the recorded data to your healthcare provider as well. You can combine milk from several pumping sessions or pour milk from one bottle into multiple bottles and freezer bags.

A distinctive feature of the app is where you can set an expiration period for each storage location, track the expiration time of each bottle/bag in your stash, which is very useful to track the time, and use the oldest preferable milk first.


It is quite evident that women are remarkably talented and possess hobbies and passions that are admirable. Embracing their multi-tasking quality, being a Homepreneur comes naturally to every woman. She could be the best painter, designer, baker, and makeup artist or even be gifted with skills like dancing, teaching, and singing, whatever your hobby might be; Shopmatic is an app that will transform your hobby into a full-fledged business.

With Shopmatic you can start an online e-commerce store for selling your products online. So you can create your identity as a Homepreneur, while you are at home on your maternity leave.


It’s quite predictable that you’ll be taking infinite photos of your newborn. This app helps you to quickly and easily pick out the best pictures and then turn them into lovely short films during your maternity period. Think of it as an admirable highlight reel of baby’s first week, first bath, first foot, or first holiday. The possibilities are endless.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Aren’t you sick of the expensive baby monitors, which are not even of appreciable quality for most of the time? With the Cloud Baby Monitor app, you can turn any Apple device (iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, etc.) into a baby monitor with video footage, live sound, and noise/motion alerts.

All you need to do is leave one device (safely) with your baby and keep one with you, download this app on both the devices and voilà! You can now monitor your baby effortlessly and effectively.

Baby Sign and Learn

This is one of many apps offered by Baby Sign and Learn that’ll help you and your baby learn to sign. The app utilizes keywords in American Sign Language (ASL), so your baby can convey messages like “more” or “all done.” As your baby continues to develop, you can try downloading one of their other apps, like Baby Sign and Sing.

With so many technological advancements happening around the world, these are just a few of many tech-assistants available handy for expecting moms. So gear up and utilize the tech for optimum usage and make your mom-journey a little easier and enjoyable.



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