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Advanced Heart Failure Treatment with Tablet Device 2017

heart failure treatment

Heart Failure Treatment

The compliance catalyst element as described by the professionals called an OPTILOGG is a dedicated device for heart failure treatment. OPTILOGG makes it possible for the patient to take an active part in his/her treatment as a heart patient by coaching the patient to gain an improved self-care behavior.

The growth in technology seems unlimited. Technology has exceeded e-commerce products, education and gaming apps to dive into the health world. There is almost nothing in health that cannot be of aid using the technology products. The area of technology influence, especially in health industries includes; drug production, surgery, medical record keeping, birth facilities and also for managing diuretic dosage in heart failure ailment.Such technology product is the “OPTILOGG in tablet”.

This device was produced by researchers at Linkoping University in Sweden. OPTILOGG is a simple preprogrammed tablet that is attached to a weighing scale, and this device helps to provide some relevant information for treating and diagnosing heart failure treatment patients, it can also register body weight and its symptoms, can assist in managing diuretic dosage.

How To Use The Device ‘OPTILOGG’

The patients who use OPTILOGG are not required to stress while in this process, they don’t need to push the buttons as it is automatic, and it can take only about 30 seconds in a day to complete its cycle.

The OPTILOGG system is installed in the patient’s home and the necessary equipment which includes the tablet is given to the patient by CareLigo.

You are not expected to be an expert in technology to use this device. With this device, the patient is trained to become the expert in his/her unique situation. In case there is an unexpected deterioration in health, OPTILOGG quickly identifies it and goes ahead to the patient, then recommends him/her to contact his/her health care provider.

The Feedback From The Users

 According to the studies of about 32 patients from four primary heart failure treatment clinics, the major participants were around 65 years , and 31% of them were female.

The number of patients who are using the device is about 94%, and just as intended. Nurses in various health institutions reported no increase in workload and with a significant decrease of 28.5 at baseline of 18 at four months. The patients, give a good feedback when they use the device of return of improvement in self-behavior  by 10.5 points or 37%. There is a tendency of much safety and more committed patients who now to take better care of themselves when using the tool.

Liljeroos said that “introducing OPTILOGG into primary care is innovative and lucrative, due to its ability to help patients with heart failure to manage their condition.”

Crucial Moment For Intense Care

Old age is really a thing of utmost concern, eHealth-solutions are needed to handle the ever aging population and distribute health care. To achieve a good stand in taking care of the population in this category; OPTILOGG is very much needed like other health facilities. It is the only solution of its kind that really reaches these patients.
Talking about Heart failure and its intensity, then we note that it is one of the most expensive diagnoses and the most common starting age according to records is around 65 years of age. To reduce the cost of hospital admissions drastically, then OPTILOGG is crucial.

Hospitals that have an interest in alleviating the problems of heart failure will benefit tremendously in the introduction of OPTILOGG because they need not be running up and down to keep an accurate record of their patients. OPTILOGG reduces the energy needed to manage health issues related to the heart and its functioning.

OPTILOGG up till now is lonely in its existence. According to the report, OPTILOGG is a CE-marked medical device of class 1m. OPTILOGG has a validation in two randomized clinical trials, like the self-care behavior and statistically significant reduction of in-hospital stay days by 29%. OPTILOGG does not add to the workload of the healthcare provider, and this makes it unique. It also focuses on empowering the patient and making him/her an active participant in the health care organization.

OPTILOGG is provided on a subscription basis, and this means that the customers do not need much of upfront investments and that the CareLigo handles all maintenance and technical support related issues. No more of delays and lost of life, OPTILOGG plays a good role in reducing the death rate. The future of healthcare can be seen as very bright and promising, and especially when the practitioners take a good part of the upcoming health-related technologies.



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