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Is Walking 10,000 Steps a Day Essential for Good Health?


Walking for Good Health

An average human walks about 3,000 steps daily. To maintain a healthy you, the walking count of 10,000 steps daily has been given an enormous attention by several fitness experts.

But the question still lingers: “Is there a relationship between walking 10,000 steps daily and achieving good health?

In this regard, the University of Sydney conducted a recent study where 78,500 adults were monitored using wearable trackers to keep count of their daily footsteps. Further, findings of the study stated that there was a lowered risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia, and death for those who achieved 10,000 steps a day. However, the benefits were much higher for those who took a faster stepping pace, even if they didn’t meet the 10,000 step goal.

This could be a helpful piece of insight for those who are less active in their daily lives. As Borja del Pozo Cruz, an Associate Professor from the University of Southern Denmark, pointed out, “Those with as low as 3,800 steps per day are able to put up with a lowered risk of dementia by 25%, demonstrating the importance of power steps.”

Although step count holds its value for the public to track their health, seldom do they think about the pace with which they carry their steps,” concluded Emmanuel Stamatakis, Professor of Physical Activity at the University of Sydney.



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