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Conversa: Transforming the Provider – Patient Relationship with a Conversation

West Shell III | Co-founder, CEO & Chairman | Conversa

Conversations are the foundation of relationships. A healthy relationship is entirely based on a healthy dialogue between two individuals. And as far as healthcare is concerned, a strong dialogue is a necessity between the physician, patient, and the patient’s family. Today’s patients are active participants in their care. Patients expect timely access to vital health information for themselves and their loved ones, and communication helps them make better decisions. Conversa is a company that aims to bridge one of the largest gaps in care, i.e. the time between visits to the doctor.

The Conversa Conversation PlatformTM delivers scalable, flexible and fully-automated virtual care that helps monitor, manage, and engage patient populations at scale. It enables personalized care through the use of automated, digital conversations to make the healthcare experience more engaging, continuous, and collaborative for patients and their care teams.

As healthcare’s conversation platform, Conversa has an extensive library of over 500 clinically-intelligent conversation programs that include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, hypertension, joint replacement, and many more. Conversa is poised for growth and adoption, by provider customers, health IT partners, pharma, and payer groups.

Enthralling Journey of Conversa

Established in 2013, Conversa Health (known as Conversa), and its pioneering technology delivers an advanced automated patient engagement platform to help clinicians manage their relationships with patients. The company’s cloud-based Conversa Conversation Platform augments care management and clinical understanding through deep integration with over 400 biometric devices as well as patients’ electronic health records (EHRs) and other clinical systems.

As a result, Conversa’s patient-profile driven technology can help care teams identify and focus on patients who will benefit from extra coaching and assistance. Clients can use the company’s flexible conversation platform for a variety of clinical applications, ranging from post-discharge and medication adherence to marketing. Healthcare providers can also use the solution for wellness, prevention, and lifestyle coaching to provide educational content and insights to foster understanding of disease processes and reduce patient anxiety.

In 2017, Conversa embarked on a strategic partnership with Allscripts using its technology to enhance Allscripts’ population health, care management, and patient engagement capabilities—providing Conversa access to Allscripts’ client base of over 2,500 hospitals and healthcare systems.
This year, Conversa received top accolades from several industry analysts, including Frost and Sullivan’s Top Patient Engagement Technology Leadership Award. From the industry report: Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has developed a pioneering technology that not only enhances current products but also enables the development of new products and applications. The award recognizes the high market acceptance potential of Conversa’s technology. Overall, Conversa’s proven outcomes, ease-of-use, and visionary innovation have resulted in best-in-class patient engagement, remote in-home monitoring, and significant clinical and financial outcomes for its clients, catapulting the company into the market leadership position.”

An Experienced Leader

West Shell III, the Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman, is a 5-time serial entrepreneur. He is a creative, high-energy leader with a background in strategic marketing and a successful track record of building high growth, innovative companies with passionate employees and committed customers.

West co-founded Pacific Marketing Group (PMG), which over eleven years grew to be the largest independent marketing agency on the west coast. As an early Internet pioneer, he also grew Netcentives, an e-marketing leader delivering CRM, loyalty, and email direct marketing solutions. After his success with the aforementioned companies, West then built Sapias, Healthline Networks, before moving on to, Conversa Health, which he co-founded.

Client Success Stories

Conversa was recently recognized as a Top Patient Relationship Management Solution by Chilmark, and a Top Patient Engagement Solution by IDC Research. Use of Conversa shows“97% of the patients that engage in Conversa’s chat experience on behalf of a hospital partner find the chats helpful.”

  • Northwell Health (Northwell), New York’s largest healthcare provider, implemented Conversa-powered Northwell Health Chats to provide personalized, automated patient conversation experiences to discharged patients. Northwell reported that 70% of enrolled patients engage with the platform, with an 85% conversation completion rate, and 98% of the patients stated that Northwell Health Chats were helpful in managing their care. “Conversa is enabling Northwell to use innovative, scalable technology to improve care coordination, patient satisfaction, and ongoing patient relationship management resulting in the improved well-being of our customers while also reducing costs.” —Joe Schulman, Northwell Health Solution.
  • Centura Health – Penrose St. Francis Health Services (Penrose), a Colorado Springs-based acute care facility with 24,000 admissions per year, reported that 50% of patients using the Conversa platform experienced improvement. With 70% of participants reporting that the conversations helped them become healthier.

A Matchlessness Platform to Ease Customer Service

Conversa’s branching logic and structured data make an easy-to-use client interface. The company captures actionable data through AI-powered chats that are sophisticated, empathetic, and easy-to-use.  The platform uniquely employs a proven motivational psychology methodology, i.e., self-determination theory, alongside superior PGHD integration to provide personalized conversational experiences that spur patient engagement. It helps physicians communicate and engage with their patients between visits through structured ‘digital checkups’ in order to improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Conversa’s dual commitment to simplicity and flexibility leads to enhanced PHM and high engagement. Aside from data reported by its systems, user-friendly consumerization is becoming ubiquitous in all consumer-oriented markets. Conversa’s personalized, automated conversations provide a helpful, timely, and discreet method to deliver the right educational materials, and continue the doctor-patient relationship with less resource.

AI-Revolutionizing the Healthcare Vertical

The adoption of AI and Machine Learning to augment clinical intelligence and scale will continue to push healthcare system towards the quadruple aim. Unprecedented patient access to timely and personal care information will lead to healthier patients, and at the same time make for a better provider experience in delivering the right care to the right patient, all at lower cost.

Specifically, automated solutions leverage continuous patient feedback to enhance healthcare accessibility, efficacy, and affordability through early intervention and risk reduction. Unlike traditional patient engagement approaches, such as surveys and educational seminars, automated digital solutions, improve treatment adherence through reminders and monitoring.

Healthcare will see massive adoption of technology like Conversa to maximize population health management, while reducing burden in the care management for clinical teams. Patient outcomes will improve, the cost of care will decrease for hospitals, and the experience for all will be smoother than ever before.



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