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Healthymize: AI-based Voice Monitoring for Voice Affecting Diseases

Shady Hassan | MD & CEO | Healthymize

AI is not here to replace the human contact between patients and caregivers, but it can give patients tools to maintain and improve their health, rather with the assistance of AI, numerous tools and devices can help caregivers gain access to new information. It allows the use of information to focus on the right health measures on the right people at the right time. The future of healthcare lies in embracing technology to keep patients healthy at home, exactly where a company called Healthymize is positioned.

Healthymize provides personalized, artificial intelligence (AI) based, voice monitoring that turns smart devices into remote patient monitoring devices for voice-affecting diseases such as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ), heart failure, and pneumonia.

“Healthymize will become the worldwide leader in the monitoring voice-affecting diseases, starting with COPD, and then for other diseases as well, including asthma, mental health and more. Using voice biomarkers for monitoring and diagnosing diseases is a hot area today.” believes Shady Hassan, the MD and CEO of the company. “The setting is perfect, as voice interaction becomes the norm with smart devices like phones, tablets and home virtual assistants; it is easy to get voice samples from the users. The world is moving forward fast and voice monitoring for health and detection of early disease development signs will become a standard procedure.”

Notable Awards of Healthymize

It is the winner of the Henry Ford Health System’s “Increasing Patient and Caregiver Engagement to Reduce Readmission” Challenge. It is the winner of the 2017 mHealth Startup Competition and the Israeli Ministry of Health’s 2017 Leading Healthcare Initiative Contest.

A Leadership with a Vision

Its diverse team is composed of experienced individuals who work passionately to improve the lives of chronic patients. The Healthymize team is highly experienced in business, medicine, and engineering. The CEO, Shady Hassan, has experience working as physician in internal medicine, and medical software implementation. He met the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Daniel Aronovich, an expert in signal processing and machine learning algorithms, in an entrepreneurship program at the Technion Institute of Technology. They founded Healthymize and Rafi Gidron, a leading entrepreneur and investor in the Israeli high tech scene, joined as the pre-seed investor, COB (Chairman of Board) and Co-founder. The team met Maura Rosenfeld, its CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer) with years of experience in healthcare business development, and start up management, as a mentor in the Presentense entrepreneurship program.

A Solution that Stands Out

Healthymize offers its voice analysis for integration into remote patient monitoring systems. Its goal is to provide a voice monitoring solution for home care, chronic care management, and readmission preventions. Healthymize prevents hospitalization and saves billions using personalized, AI- based, patented voice technology that turns smartphones, tablets, smart watches and home virtual assistants into continuous health monitoring devices.

It is developing personalized, AI-based voice analysis that turns smart devices into remote patient monitoring devices for voice-affecting diseases. Healthymize automates labor intensive phone monitoring typically in place to prevent readmissions and manage chronic patients, giving clinicians the ability to assess the voice of the patient at any time.

By utilizing advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze the human voice during regular calls or voice interaction with these devices, Healthymize provides remote patient monitoring for voice-affecting diseases such as asthma, COPD, heart failure and mental health disorders. Healthymize aims to detect flare ups early and can be integrated into systems that remotely monitor patient vital signs.

Remote Monitoring

The company’s goal is to monitor the progression of these diseases wherever and whenever patients speak on their smartphones. Healthymize analyzes voice samples from the patient aiming to identify the onset of flare ups. When a flare up is detected, the Healthymize system can alert the medical teams to enable early treatment of patients at home, by keeping them where they feel most comfortable.

Consider a patient suffering with COPD. It is a progressive disease that restricts lung airflow. A COPD patient suffers from flare-ups that are characterized by shortness of breath, coughs, and sputum production. Delayed diagnosis and treatment of these flare-ups often results in severe exacerbations requiring hospitalization. The overall prevalence of COPD in the general population is more than 5 percent. Prevalence increases with age, reaching about 10 percent among adults between 75-84 years old. In 2010, the overall cost of COPD in the US was $36 billion and is estimated to reach $49 billion by 2020. Costs due to COPD-related care are driven primarily by hospitalizations. This is where Healthymize can help with remote monitoring that will allow the care team to stay apprised of the patient’s condition while they are at home..

Uniqueness of its Services

For patients:

  • Prevent condition from worsening by predicting flare ups
  • Save time, anguish, and money by reducing hospital visits

For Health Care Providers:

  • Detect flare ups earlier and to allow treatment to be delivered faster
  • Improves coordination and delivery of care
  • Save costs of hospitalization

Bright Future of the Company

Healthymize is building strong partnerships that will enable it to shape its product to market needs and gain credibility at the earliest stage possible. The company’s partnership with Henry Ford Health System is one such example and it is building other strong provider and industry partnerships.



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