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Doctors: The Uncelebrated Heroes

Doctors | Editior note | Insights Care

Pursing surgery as a career is a daunting and strenuous task. The dedication and passion students put into becoming a learned and well-practiced surgeon is unmatched. With the practical training, it also requires a lot of mental and emotional preparation. Doctors have to work round the clock tirelessly, this can be challenging. The surgeons are personally tested by the existential truths of human life in their associations with patients.

Surgeons often get yelled at by the patients’ family and also have to handle the emotional backlash of several patients, their families, and friends. On numerous instances numerous doctors have also suffered from physical assault owing to this issue. They have to realize that ethical encounters are an intrinsic part of performing surgery and of life itself. And that they have to acquire to “live with” these times of trial that are a part and parcel of their job. Doctors are constantly subjected to life and death situation, accepting failures positively is a part of their job; the most daunting task being breaking sad news to the family and friends of the deceased.  In a way this is confirmed both socially and by their inner moral self. Looking people’s distress, pain, and suffering often takes a toll on a person’s mind. But this is not an option for surgeons and doctors as a whole, they have to accept their personal and professional limitations, being uncertain, being fallible, and being humble at all times.

Living with the ethical challenges of surgery seems to add to the surgeons’ confidence and vulnerability in their professional identity. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. The efforts and dedication that doctors and surgeons put into their work often goes unnoticed. Acknowledging this issue and respecting the struggles of these heroes is very important. We need to start appreciating the effort and dedication that they put into their work.



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