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Edible water balls to replace plastic bottles

Edible water balls to replace plastic bottles | Insights Care

Replace plastic bottles

Plastic is one such material which is covering up all our daily items. In the present condition, it is almost impossible to think a life without plastic. From whatever we eat or drink, it is either wrapped or carried in a plastic container. It is possible to store or carry water in bottles or containers made up of steel or glass, but whenever one buys packaged drinking water, it is another plastic bottles they buy. It is quite well-known that Plastic is a non-biodegradable material, but almost everyone is unknowingly adding the quantity of such non-degradable waste on the surface of the earth. Scientists have found an alternative to plastic in every field except water bottles until recently, a London-based startup Skipping Rocks Lab has introduced edible water balls.

Plastic bottles are making so big heaps around the world that it is eating up a lot of earth space. Reports said that millions of plastic bottles are thrown away in every country each year. It is not only filling up the landfills but also entering the sea and damaging the biological balance in both the land and the water. To get rid of this, the startup company invented this edible water balls and had raised over £500,000 in a crowdfunding campaign.

Researchers have found out that this water ball, which is known as “Ooho!” is actually a natural and fully biodegradable membrane made up of a seaweed extract. Researchers said that it is a tasteless substance which can be entirely swallowed and digested. They also mentioned that it is going to hydrate people in the same way as water does. The company spokesperson explicitly indicated that flavors could be added into “Ooho!” later.

The company is planning to launch a trial this year by introducing it in the marathons and major music festivals. Interestingly, producing this edible water ball is much cheaper than producing a plastic water bottle. Reports apparently suggested that already more than 500 people have invested in this project and it is supposed that this happened mainly as the images of this invented water ball went viral recently.

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