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How to clean your house during COVID-19 Pandemic?

Well cleaning, to begin with is both a therapeutic and stressful process. But clearly, cleaning is the most essential process these days. What sort of cleaning did we perform before this? Everyone in the household cleaned and disinfected surfaces on a daily basis. The main question that arises here is what does one clean?

The answer to that is your hands. Coronavirus droplets could be anywhere. Though it is said that one is more likely to catch the virus via air when an infected person sneezes or coughs, it yet makes good sense to clean all the surfaces they might have touched too. It basically states that once you touch any inanimate surface or object do not under any circumstance touch your face or mouth or ears or any area above your neck.

Cleaning hands is the best solution to preventing the virus. Clean your hands every now and then using a soap or hand wash. The next important thing is your phone. You do not want to wash your hands and then pick up a dirty phone. The best way to sterilise your phone is to sanitizer it or use the 70% alcohol that may be available in the nearest chemist or druggist store. This same procedure could be used for all the electronic devices in the house.

After that comes the entire house. Cleaning and disinfecting the entire house is essential as that would prevent the further spread of any sort of



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