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In Efforts to Support COVID-19 Patients, Two Israeli Hospitals launch AI-based Tele-ICU

Two Israeli hospitals are working with predictive analytics platform CLEW to manage and treat patients diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus while preventing its spread from their care workers.

CLEW’s Tele-ICU AI-based solution is being installed at Sheba Medical Center and the Ichilov Hospital at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

CLEW claims that the product’s algorithms are equipped to identify respiratory deterioration in advance, allowing early interventions that might change the clinical outcome, specifically for the COVID-19 affected patients. It enables healthcare professionals to determine infection’s severity from a remote command center.

As the likelihood in the rise of intensive care unit (ICU) admissions seems eminent, both the medical institutions are developing field-ICU facilities. Each of these ICU units will be the largest in Israel.

These facilities will utilize telemedicine technologies to implement remote-patient monitoring from centralized command and control facilities.

CLEW states its machine learning models empower ICU staff to alertly manage the disease’s magnitude and help them develop strategies around their workload. The telemedicine-based system enables it to work remotely and can be scaled with patient volume surges, while lowering the exposure risk to infected patients.



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