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The Top Priorities for the next Month Amid Coronavirus

The pandemic has reached phase 3 In most of the places, hence the coming week and the next month are going to be hard. The population has been abruptly diminishing. This is the time to protect the valuable people and healthcare workers. The number of patients have been multiplying dangerously and from this week they would be spoken for in millions. Few weeks back the world had been experiencing thousands of patients. There have been various testings available for people now. There are a few precautions and efforts everyone could take so that the 10k doesn’t escalate to 20k or 30k. There a few priority cases.

The priority list is as follows:

  1. Healthcare workers

This is the need of the hour. Our number one job as citizens right now is to protect the health care workers by getting them the equipment they require. Their requirement of sanitary equipment and ventilators should be fulfilled.

  1. Bending the curve with social Isolation

Most of the scientist believe that the spread of this virus could be curbed if social isolation was done at its peak. They also believe that we as humans are incapable of doing it. There would be economic challenges though, but this small move could save the lives of millions. This completely depends on humans as to how do they survive this and how effectively they proceed with it.



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