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Things to do when in a Qurantine.

Social distancing is the new thing today. Due to the widespread pandemic there has been panic, chaos and most importantly house arrest for everyone. This extra free time on our hands has led people to think of innovative ways to progress about their day. As everyone knows that all social events, including concerts and schools have been cancelled, the world is in need of a different spare time hobby. A few of them are enlisted.

  1. Fuel your passion

This is the time to start your blogging, vlogging, instrument playing and all those other hobbies you one said you were going to do but couldn’t due to your busy schedules. It could be about anything as long as it makes you happy and a little bit of happy during such times doesn’t do any harm.

  1. Binge watch shows and movies

This is the only time you would ever get to switch on Netflix and sit their and watch all the movies you missed and all the shows that just came on. Make the most of this time and go all in with it. These are the fewer good things in life one must relish.

  1. Get in touch with all your friends

During this period of self quarantine get in touch with all your friends who you couldn’t meet or dint have the time to call back or text. This is the time to socialise via your phones and rebuilt those long lost friendships.

  1. Most importantly, Clean!

This could not be emphasised enough that you need to clean as much as possible. Cleaning could be therapeutic and it does not have to be stressful or hectic. It is essential and vital that ones house and environment is kept clean.



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