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Harmful habits for your brain.

Humans think that health is the maintaining of the physical body and the soul. The thing that they forget is that of the brain. Brain functioning is an essential part of the human body. We have to nurture the brain as much as we would nurture the body. There are various daily practices for cognitive development and there are few that destruct the brain such as,

  1. The brain being drained due to inactivity.

As physical inactivity has its price so does mental inactivity. Like physical inactivity could lead to heart disease, obesity, depression, dementia and various other severe diseases. People think they are too busy to make basic movements that could slow down cognitive activity and eventually result in being brain dead.

  1. The riskiness of multitasking

This is a smartphone generation and everyone these days on their phones. It has been known that multitasking is bad for your brain, and now it turns out that it also rewards the brain and makes one less productive. Multi tasking also increases stress hormone and induces an adrenaline rush.

  1. Too much of information

Having little to do is bad and so is having your hands full. Overloading the brain with information is not a recommended practice. This leads to unnecessary pressure and stress overload. This in some cases could lead to forgetting important tasks. This is the biggest irritation of modern life.



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