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Indian Government has launched a Coronavirus Tracking App

The Indian government had already developed the MyGov app to spread awareness about the coronavirus and its outbreak. However, looking at the present situation it has now launched a live coronavirus tracking app named, Aarogya Setu.  This app uses the user’s phone’s location data and Bluetooth to analyze and track if they have been or are near a person who was infected by COVID-19.

The Aarogya Setu app analyzes the location data to determine where exactly that particular person is. And it uses the Bluetooth data to analyze if that person has been within 6 feet proximity of any coronavirus infected person. Combing both the results, the app generates a result that states if the user is at risk of getting the coronavirus or not. If the result is positive, the app suggests the user go for a test and schedule the toll-free number 1075 to schedule an appointment. The app also shares the data with the government, if the test results are positive. Furthermore, this app also gives tips on how to prevent getting affected by the coronavirus.



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