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Should We Be Worried About the Missing Plastics From the Oceans?

The world is aware of the plastics being dumped into the water bodies and various studies have estimated that almost 8 million tons of plastic trashes are being dumped into the ocean. It is supposed that the plastic wastes floats or amasses beneath. However, it is not the case. For a few years now, the scientists are not wondering about why the plastics in the ocean are abundant, instead why it isn’t? Hence, the question where are the plastics disappearing?

Several studies have stated that the plastic ends up buried on the seafloor or suspended deep in the water column. It happens when animals eat it and poop it out into the deep waters. The scientists have also stated a shocking revelation that some of the plastic elements degrade into tiny particles which are called nanoplastics. Nanoplastics, when gets accumulated in the tissues of a fish, can cause neurological and reproductive issues. Some recent studies have also stated that presently, more than 90 percent of plastics have gone missing from the oceans.



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