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JVS Technologies: Patient Engagement Made Easy

JVS Technologies
Saket Singhi Founder | Managing Director JVS Technologies

The healthcare industry plays a major role in daily life. It is one of the important branches in the welfare of humankind. Today, with emerging innovations in technology, many interesting developments in the field of healthcare are evident. In recent years, the IT industry is supporting various industries to simplify its process. But, it was seen that the healthcare industry was lagging behind other industries.

To lend a helping hand to various hospitals and healthcare providers, JVS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. emerged into the global market to improve patient care with the power of data. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, JVS Technologies has become one of the leading companies in healthcare IT.

As one of the leading players in the Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records and Hospital Information System market over the past 17 years, today JVS has more than 18,000 physicians using its products and over 4 million registered patients across 45 countries. These numbers are growing at 30-40 percentage rate per year.

The Architect of the Company

With a broad base of experience in IT product development and marketing, Saket Singhi, Founder and Managing Director of JVS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has repeatedly demonstrated a strong ability to incubate and develop new business solutions with big results and minimal investment.

He has coupled his love for technology to his extensive experience running a product-based IT company. His understanding and empathy for the business gave him a unique ability to develop futuristic technical solutions which made him come off as one of the emerging leaders in current times. His recent new venture Quick eSelling in e-commerce space is already creating a buzz and has potential to disrupt the e-commerce space.

JVS’s Ladder to Success

From the genesis of JVS Technologies; the company is continuously paving its way to achieve great heights. It had envisioned itself as a low-cost, high-value IT Product Company catering to healthcare and improving patient care. At that time, the healthcare industry was not properly aligned with the IT industry, which led the company to face many challenges. However, the company continued with its vision and its journey without deviating from the path. Today, it has grown from 3 people team to 100+ employees and partners, which is a huge achievement.

The firm has self-developed healthcare domain knowledge machinery and external set of experts, who help the company to develop its domain knowledge. Saket says, “We also regularly participate in various international conferences that discuss the future of healthcare IT to stay relevant and keep us ready for the future. It is a continuous process and we are happy that we have healthcare domain expertise in the DNA of our company.”

Tech-Savvy Tools and Products

Today, hospitals and healthcare providers have a huge patient database and managing it becomes a difficult task. So, for smooth management, JVS Technologies have made tools that help manage the patient’s data.

With SoftClinic, a prominent application of the company, it aids in compiling and organizing patient’s clinical data. This application is an established solution for the healthcare domain and includes all the basic functionalities of the clinic management system and hospital management system.

Other than SoftClinic, the company has a series of unique products and tools that offer enormous benefits to its clients. SoftCath & JVS-DiComPlus software are two major software solutions for cardiology medical specialties.

Its product range includes AriseHF software for Heart Failure Patients, OncoSoft for Oncology specialty, Laboratory Information System and software for Pharmacy Store along with Patient Engagement tools like Portals, Doctor and Patient Health apps.

“We make user-friendly softwares that provide value and are cost-effective. One thing that raises us above others is that we are constantly evolving our product lines and making it more and more relevant for today as well as tomorrow,” says Saket.

The company has a few dedicated patient engagement tools like Patient Portal and Patient Health Apps that help in creating direct engagement of patients with the healthcare facility. Now, people don’t have to rely on various sources and assume they are suffering from some unknown disease or condition. Through these apps and portals, a person can directly connect with professionally qualified and reputed physicians.

“Our latest software AriseHF, a mobile health app connected with smart watch is specifically designed to engage heart failure patients and track their symptoms, vitals and investigations on a regular intervals. These data are automatically analyzed using Artificial Intelligence, to alert patient & physicians in case of abnormal findings in their symptoms, investigations and/or vitals,” adds Saket

Appreciable Achievements

JVS is said to be one of the first to develop a market for clinical software in India and is among the top product-based Healthcare IT companies. Its medical software and its products are being used by clients from around 45 countries to date. Since 2007, JVS is an official partner to the Cardiological Society of India in successfully running the National Interventional Council (NIC) – Clinical Data Registry.

In the last five years, more than 1000 customers have been added to the company. JVS has also launched the world’s first plug and play software with a storage device for interventional cardiology. JVS has continuously featured in the top 10 healthcare IT companies in India and Asia Pacific Region.

While on the patient’s side, JVS envisions offering smart watch connected health applications to help patients connect with their physicians via smartphones while opening a channel for the doctor for e-consultation using telehealth tools.

Saket believes, “This will result in significant time saving for patients as well as physicians by cutting down the travel and waiting time for follow up appointments. JVS is also offering free to use MyHealthData App for the general population for managing their own health records in their smartphone, which can be shared with physicians at a click.”

Upbeat with the huge response from the patients in India, Asia Pacific Region, Middle East and Africa for JVS’s patient engagement tools, the company looks forward to launching these tools in South American countries to improve healthcare standards there.



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