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SocialClimb: Helping Medical Practices Climb to the Top in Online Searches

Ty Allen CEO SocialClimb

In the age of instant information, people are increasingly turning to the internet for answers to their questions. The world’s data-rich environment and high-tech analytics software systems create an environment where consumers expect to find critical information at their fingertips at the moment they need it. Medical consumers are no different. When someone needs to find a medical practitioner, hospital, or doctor, they pull out their phone and do a Google search to find what they need.

SocialClimb recognized this trend and crafted a solution, providing cutting-edge medical marketing software to thousands of medical groups and doctors across the United States. Using a unique combination of automated reputation management tools, data analysis, and targeted ads, the company empowers medical practices to better connect with patients in need, dominate competitive markets, and remain autonomous.

What is SocialClimb?

SocialClimb provides healthcare practices and physicians a platform that increases their online reach by integrating seamlessly with practice management systems to send automated review requests to every patient. Capturing reviews from this silent majority of happy patients provides a more accurate view of patient experience, helps medical practices meet and exceed industry expectations for quality care, and improves online ratings.

This automated system simplifies the efforts of a practice to manage the entire customer satisfaction experience. With SocialClimb’s platform, staff can also send surveys, receive reports, and manage service recovery needs in real time from one centralized platform.

Once medical groups have built an impressive online reputation, SocialClimb can then help them turn around and put that reputation to good use through smart marketing, placing targeted reputation ads in front of searchers in need of medical service.

By integrating with individual practice management systems, SocialClimb truly customizes medical marketing to each practice’s needs and goals. SocialClimb’s tools monitor practice volume and adapt ad campaigns to fit the needs of their clients. They also track potential patients’ actual engagement with the ads, providing detailed reports showing customer actions that translate directly to ROI.

The Founder of SocialClimb

The idea behind SocialClimb began 5 years ago when SocialClimb CEO, Ty Allen, experienced a life-threatening fractured neck and spinal cord injury. He quickly learned how difficult it could be to make time-sensitive decisions as a medical consumer in the United States.

Throughout a year-long rehabilitation process, Allen had to make 10-12 key provider and facility decisions that significantly affected his recovery and quality of life, many of them in less than an hour. These decisions all required more information about medical providers than was available to him as a medical consumer.

Allen discovered a disconnect between what medical consumers need to know to make a good decision and how medical practices market themselves. Through SocialClimb, he provided a solution to benefit both the medical community and the consumers who needed their services.

SocialClimb Capitalizes on Current Best Practices

Most medical practices, even those with robust staff and marketing support, use approaches that don’t really work. They flounder trying to place ads through bulk mailings, radio, flight magazines, and billboards. Wanting an online presence, practices also put a lot of time and money into developing websites. Allen has found, however, that “today’s medical marketing is all about Google Local Search results — finding and engaging today’s internet-savvy medical consumers as they conduct online searches for care — rather than websites most potential clients never even see.”

Leaders in the healthcare industry are seeking new solutions for customer-based, quality care at sustainable prices, while physicians are seeking more sustainable work and personal life balance. SocialClimb’s platform fills that gap.

How do Medical Practices Benefit?

Today, the world is moving at a fast pace. Everyone wants to make decisions within seconds, and the best way to do that is to search it online! Allen says, “For medical decisions, consumers read about a provider in 5 minutes, right when they look for care. They want the best local provider, and they want to take immediate action to get the care they need.”

Google recognizes a medical search as a search for local care, then returns the top-choice local providers in the “Google Local 3-Pack.” These “top-choice” providers are chosen by Google based on data algorithms rather than real competence. If Google does not easily find a provider— or if a provider does not look as good to Google as other providers — the provider does not show up in online search results.

SocialClimb’s innovative system takes clients to the top of online search results by delivering what search engines are looking for: optimized listing pages and online reviews that demonstrate excellent patient care. Because reviews are not faked or gated, SocialClimb helps both practices and consumers by providing a more accurate window into a practice through crowdsourcing accurate reviews.

The Road to Success

Since the very beginning, SocialClimb has been on a mission to help practices at all levels compete and win in their local market. The company’s groundbreaking reputation marketing software has helped thousands of physicians significantly raise their online reputations and rank high in internet search results to attract more customers and increase revenue.

SocialClimb plans on continuing that legacy with its innovative targeted ads. “Our newest targeted acquisition features take affordable, automated marketing to the next level. Any size practice can now define, find, and attract their most preferred patients at decision-making moments. Our clients not only increase their patient volume, but they can also adapt their patient flow with real-time, software-managed decision making,” says Allen

In the coming years, SocialClimb will continue to enhance its services using the latest technologies and tools in order to help medical practices and patients connect in mutually beneficial ways.



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