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Medsolis: Safe, Easy and Smart Way of Care Management

Akash Randhar CEO Medsolis

As the world moves towards digitalization, the healthcare industry also makes its way to modernization with the help of advanced technology. Today, cloud computing and data analysis are being utilized at a very high rate. In healthcare, this particular development is beneficial for managing the patient’s health from any corner of the world.

As patient engagement is taking its baby steps, Medsolis has emerged as a prominent cutting-edge healthcare technology company across the globe. It has various products that are involved in providing smart patient engagement solutions, highly flexible care management solutions, analytics solutions and population health management solutions. Founded in the year 2013, Medsolis serves a wide spectrum of customers that includes health plans, health systems and MCOs.

With the vision to make remote health management more effective and efficient, Medsolis began to make the patient’s engagement process easy and understandable. Medsolis stands firm to its key foundation which is making all products extremely easy to use without sacrificing the utility and nuances of the underlying complex healthcare system.

Patient Friendly Services

Medsolis provides one of the best patient engagement smartphone solutions in the industry. It offers a robust BYOD solution across Android and iOS platforms along with biometric device integration, asking basic questions, reminding of medicine, setting up appointments, etc. Its app provides notification-based communication options which also has integrated televisit and instant messaging.

However, what makes Medsolis stand out from other services is the advancement and personalization of the services. It goes beyond industry-standard offerings by providing a solution that “speaks” to an individual. It learns and adapts to an individual’s needs, behavior, limitations and desires. It responds to individual situations through the combination of a person-oriented solution with personalized goals, activities, interactions and involvement.

The Dexterous Mind of Medsolis

With over fifteen years of healthcare strategy, operations and technology experience, Akash Randhar is the CEO of Medsolis. Working for both large and small companies like IBM, HP, Trilogy and CommerceOne, he has gained an overall experience by working with the MNCs as well as the startups.

Akash is known as the “solution guy”. He loves taking unstructured, ill-defined, complex problems and figuring out the puzzle to create a simple and elegant solution for it. He is passionate about simplifying healthcare for patients, caregivers and clinicians.

Key to Success

Innovation plays a significant role to take Medsolis at the top. For Medsolis, efficiency is of chief importance. With the help of cloud-based administrative and sales solutions, Medsolis easily configures low-cost internal maintenance. This helps the company to focus on the core business of product development. Medsolis’ team constantly reviews and develops processes to tweak them according to their needs.

Akash says, “Medsolis development is all-in on agile but instead of being agile purist, it makes adequate modifications for its unique needs.” The team focuses on the quarterly release of new product versions which always pushes its team forward. With a unique methodology, the product management team gathers requirements from its varied customer base, rationalizes them and abstracts them to create a common core.

Akash adds, “This requires an understanding of and balancing medical, personal, social and environmental factors affecting an individual. Medsolis achieves this by integrating three factors in its intelligent workflow and interactive decision support algorithms: evidence-based protocols, client population-specific configuration, and personalized insights for an individual.”

Awards and Recognization

Medsolis has received various awards for its exceptional contribution to the healthcare space. It was one of the recipients for Most Innovative Care Management Product by Frost and Sullivan (2018), Companies to Action award by Frost and Sullivan (2017) as a startup with innovative and likely to succeed with care management and patient engagement products.

It was one of the top 50 startups globally in the list of TiE50 award (2018). One of the top 10 most promising telemedicine company recognition by CIOReview (2017). Medsolis CEO was also recognized as a top 100 healthcare leader by IFAH (2019) for the work Medsolis has done in the healthcare industry.

Future Roadmap

One of the most important fundamental changes in the future of patient engagement will be true data portability. Medsolis natively works with data across several areas that represent all aspects of a patient’s healthcare needs. Moreover, Medsolis has inbuilt integration options that adhere to the entire gamut of standards meant for the healthcare ecosystem to communicate.

Other future advancements that will likely start rolling out in the next few years include smarter decision making using AI and ML, less intrusive gadgets, voice-based interaction, virtual reality, better integration with everyday life, the merger of entertainment and health, etc. Medsolis is at the forefront of many of these initiatives.

“Some examples of active R&D efforts within the organization are increasing its AI/ML capabilities, enhancing its voice-based interactions, exploring utilizing phone capabilities to better integrate in patient’s everyday life (geofencing, gyroscope, gesture recognition, etc), using entertainment platform to serve healthcare nuggets as a part of the everyday entertainment like tv watching,” expresses Akash.



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