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NextGen eSolutions—Renovating Healthcare with Innovation & Technology

Dr. Mallika Kapur Singh | CEO & Head Product | NexGen eSolutions | Healthcare | Insights Care

The Health IT industry in India is dominated by a combination of small local shops and large players. The market is still somewhat fragmented, where new players are altering the way of business each day. Every new, organized company that enters the healthcare space comes with massive marketing spend, aggressive sales, and low pricing. EMR, telemedicine, and paperless hospitals are the present mantras. However, few players have the experience of dealing with the complexity of healthcare deployments.

With more than a decade of extensive experience, NextGen eSolutions Pvt.Ltd. has seen the Indian Healthcare Industry through many ups and downs. It provides innovative and versatile IT solutions that cater to all types of healthcare providers and patients. NextGen today has diversified into more than just an enterprise HMIS application. It also provides Clinic Management Solutions, Nursing Home Management Software, Cardiology Solutions, LIMS software for Healthcare and Material Testing Lab; Android and iOS applications for patient records management, Intranet Solutions, CRM applications, etc. NextGen prides itself in its versatility and expertise in multiple domains.

NextGen’s customers include prestigious, corporate, private, trust and government organizations, including Medanta Group of Hospitals, Metro Group of Hospitals, Indian Army, Primus Group of Hospitals, the Government of Delhi, CNBC Hospital, Indian Air Force, Railways, Gangaram Hospital, Ricoh, Wipro, Ultratech, Ambuja to name a few.

An Experienced Leader Spearheading NextGen

NextGen is spear headed by Dr. Mallika Kapur Singh, who took over as the CEO in 2011. She embodies the best of both worlds in healthcare management, as a medical doctor with an M.B.A. from ISB Hyderabad. Having started her career at Apollo Hospital Delhi, as Manager-Operations, she is well equipped with the functioning of the healthcare setup. She set up the Healthcare Division at Aimil Ltd, as a part of her next venture.

Dr. Mallika has helped to transform the company from a rag-tag group of talented developers, to a professional organization with a strong focus on customer service. She believes in the continuous innovation to stay ahead of the competition. She also trusts that happy customers speak for themselves, and ensures that this ethos permeates into NextGen’s culture. She is a health enthusiast, and an avid runner, with many in the company espousing the same ethos.

NextGen eSolutions: Strong-arming Diversity & Versatility

NextGen started out with only one product – A Hospital Management Software, with only 11 modules. One of the biggest assets of NextGen is its technical diversity. It finds the best solution to suit its customers’ needs, and is not limited by platform as it has in house expertise in PHP, .net, Java, Python, MySQL, NoSQL, SQL, Oracle, Magento Community, Windows Mobile, Android to name a few. NextGen also provides bespoke software development services for the equipment manufacturers, equipment integrators and customer labs. The company has recently forayed into eCommerce with the large team specializing in complex, large scale Magento deployments, as well as non-Magento bespoke websites.

Its product suite today is extensive – the most popular product being Hospilogix— their multi- locational HMIS Solution. Other products include NextGen LIMS—a Laboratory Information Management Solution; Cardiologix— a Cardiac Cath Lab Information Solution; and Clinic Management &EMR Solutions with Android and iOS apps for Healthcare.

NextGen is especially adept at dealing with any kind of customer – from small 30-bed hospitals and dispensaries, to large, multi-locational deployments over thousands of beds. Implementation times range from three to thirty days for the smaller institutions, and up to one year for complex projects

NextGen is heavily focused on value – the company has taken on implementations ranging in value from three lakh to three crores depending on the customer’s need and budget. Regardless of value, every implementation that NextGen takes on goes live, and every customer is on AMC, whether they are in Delhi, Lucknow, Hasimara, Ganganagar or Chettinad.

Testimonial that Speak Bounds of its Excellent Services

“After Evaluation of many software vendors, we decided to implement NextGen HospiLogix- hospital management software in our hospital in NCR. Over the years the support, enthusiasm, and passion to improve the quality of the product, customize the solution as per our changing need, has received appreciation from our management from time to time. We thank NextGen team for their excellent support during the time and wish that our association will continue for years to come.”—D.S. Tomar (IT Manager- Metro Group of Hospitals)

NextGen understands the need for flexible processes, particularly as the company is led by a doctor herself. All of the NextGen’s products conform to NABH/ NABL standards, while allowing for configurable processes, which allow the doctor/ hospital manager to have flexibility. NextGen ensures that it closes every implementation. All of NextGen’s customers are under AMC, with the oldest AMC being 13 years old!

Embracing Futuristic Technology with Open Arms

NextGen’s Innovation Cell is continuously working on new technologies to stay abreast of market trends. NextGen’s Voice Recognition App is already live at the first few customer locations, as is its App for Pediatric Clinic Management (complete with immunization alerts, height and weight charting, and online appointment booking & payment). NextGen believes that the future of Health IT lies in Voice recognition based EMR (Electronic Medical Records), Personal Health Records with telemedicine facility and Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the fields of Imaging and Diagnostics. The company’s innovation cell is constantly working on these products, which are currently in beta.



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