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Mayon’s Pharmaceutical— A One Stop Natural Solution for Health & Skin Care

Mr. Yusuf Hamzabhai Chimthanawala | Director | Mayon's Pharmaceutical | Insights Care

The Indian healthcare sector has made phenomenal progress in the last few years, making its presence felt in the world market. Today, the Indian healthcare industry ranks 3rd in volume and 14th in value in the global market. The Indian healthcare industry is looking at this era both as an opportunity, and as a challenge.

One of the leading companies, emerging within this hustle is Mayon’s Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. It manufactures a line of unique, pure, and natural products made by a combination of herbs to protect, heal and enhance the entire self. Its products aim to bring the wellness and goodness of nature, by using the best quality of herbs, to its customers. They are innovative, pure, and free from side effects. All the products that are formulated by Mayons are exclusively made to restore and rejuvenate naturally.

The Visionary and Seasoned Team of Mayons

‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people,’ and this is what is evident from the practices at Mayons. Mr. Hamzabhai MRS Chimthanawala is the Founder of Mayons Pharmaceuticals, who had a vision far ahead of his time. His wisdom has helped shape Mayons in the past, and has prepared it well for its present and future. His sons Mr. Yusuf Hamzabhai Chimthanawala and Dr. Abdequaem Hamzabhai Chimthanwala are currently serving as the Directors of Mayons, and together with their outstanding team, and years of experience have brought this company to the pinnacle of success.

Paradoxically Embracing Technology while Keeping in Touch with Traditional Roots

Advancement in different areas of herbal research starting from extraction procedures to isolation and identification techniques, design and utilization of bioassay for efficacy testing, dosage form design, to study of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicological, and pharmacological mode of action call for a healthy competition with existing classic health care systems.

Mayons has learnt that in order to deliver the best, it has to keep itself abreast with the latest technologies, and at the same time not forget what its fore fathers. So considering the best of the old methods and the easiness of the advanced technology Mayons designs its products for its customers, which are convenient and effective to use. With the aid of the combination of the old and new it has been able to craft unique and safe products.  Mayons works with the mission to manufacture products that are an amalgamation of nature and science, to develop their product range for mind and body.

Along with the conventional techniques, newer techniques like Micro-distillation, Thermo-micro-distillation, and Molecular Distillation Techniques; Solid Phase Micro-extraction, Headspace Trapping Extraction, and Super-critical Fluid Extraction; Process-scale HPLC, Flash Chromatography, Low Pressure Chromatography, Counter-current Chromatography, and High performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) are also being used for extraction of plant material. Technology has not only helped Mayons to extract the maximum of the plant material but has enabled the company to present its products in the best acceptable form.

A Pioneer in the Field of Medicine

Mayons has been in the field of medicine and cosmetics since last 25 years. It has learnt, developed, and grown with the market trends and requirements, having been in the fields of Homeopathy, Herbal and Ayurveda. Experienced team of Mayons has the vast knowledge of herbs and their optimum results. This makes it stand apart amongst other industry players. Combining the different pathies gives Mayons the advantage to extract the best from the herbs.

Since it deals only with plants the company provides natural, chemical free products, free from any side effects. “Being a manufacturer of natural products is a challenge in itself to sustain in a market of allopathic kings” believes Mayons. The lack of awareness about this branch of medicine, and the numerous many misconceptions surrounding it, are some of the major challenges that Mayons tackles with utmost courage and zeal. In spite of all these challenges Mayons is confident about its products and aims at changing the outlook of the market.

Mayons Adapting to the Change with Courage

We believe in change, change for the better, change for the future, and change for growth.  Changes lead to innovation and this in turn leads to progress,” says Yusuf. This principle is responsible for Mayons sustainability in the market, and its perseverance to deliver the best product range. Learning is a must at Mayons, so new ideas and innovation is a part of its daily routine.

Mayon’s commitment to continuous innovation for the wellbeing of all who put their trust in its products, and its continuous strive to be a successful organization in the research, development, manufacturing; and marketing of safe, effective and affordable quality of products; for better quality of life is an outstanding feat the company has achieved. At Mayons, future is as strong as its faith.



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