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I Online Doctor: Offering Accessible and Affordable Healthcare Solutions for Everyone

Deepak Patel | Founder | I online Doctor | Insights Care

California, USA based I Online Doctor is a startup having its operations in the USA and India who has developed a platform for patients to conduct Live Video Consultation with Certified Doctors from their Smartphones. Through the dynamic platform, doctors can not only diagnose and suggest treatment plan but also provide Electronic Prescription, Diagnostic Lab Work, School/Work related Sick Leave Note through its Mobile App.

I Online Doctor’s video consultation is completely secure and all health records are electronically accessible to the patient through the mobile app and securely stored at the user end. It has also developed HIPAA level secure application to ensure patient-provider privacy at all times.

At present, the company has a worldwide patient clientele from countries like the USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and Bangladesh. More than 600 doctors and healthcare providers are registered to deliver a world-class healthcare to their users.

The Astute Leader

I Online Doctor’s visionary Founder, Deepak Patel is a true world citizen. Being born in India and now a Canadian Citizen, Deepak is heading the startup in the USA and worldwide. Having successfully created and headed two Canadian Companies previously, he wanted to create an efficient and effective way to deliver healthcare to everyone, anytime, anywhere; using the latest technology.

He firmly believes that access to the world-class healthcare should be a right of every individual. Deepak aims to be the frontrunner in providing the society easy access to the healthcare provider through the mobile application.

Under his excellent leadership, I Online Doctor aspires to be a premier medical Telehealth platform that encompasses the health and medical field. The company also targets to become one-stop destination for everything healthcare and defies the physical barriers of location of traditional healthcare delivery models.

Diverse Services

I Online Doctor is one of the very few Telemedicine Applications that has HIPAA level security to ensure patient-provider privacy and security at all levels and provides comprehensive EHRS (Electronic Health Record System) for its users. The company provides Secure Video Consultation, encrypted end-to-end to ensure privacy and security at all times. It also provides “Live/Instant” Video Call, E-Prescription, E-Lab Requisition, Comprehensive EHRS, Second Opinion Specialist and Super Specialist Consultation.

Furthermore, a ‘patient’ can browse through various registered doctors based on a variety of preferences, including specialties, languages spoken, medical experience, ratings, location and reviews by other patients. They can make an instant/live video call with the available online doctors or can book a video consultation appointment or can seek a second opinion from specialist doctors. Similarly, patients can submit their detailed medical history, upload images, documents, and video links for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Dietitians and Nutritionists can also provide diet charts and other detailed information, all through I Online Doctor’s app to its users.

Sprouting with the Trends

I Online Doctor firmly believes that- ‘Healthy competition keeps everyone on their toes, and at the end, the society at large emerges as the ultimate winners. Every new player brings to the table something new, something different. No one product or service can be a fit-for-all. Hence, with all these varied specialties available, each individual healthcare seeker gets a good variety of options to choose from; which is a win-win situation after all.’

The company’s expert team of professionals believes that change is the only constant thing and innovations will keep happening. “Changes will keep coming about. And we have only two options before us, either be a willing part of the change OR be a reluctant part of it. You will have to be a part of it nevertheless”, they said.

We are our own Competitor cum Mentor cum Critic. We continuously strive to keep improving ourselves and providing the best version of ourselves out there for all”, adds Deepak confidently.

Portraying an Unconventional Future

I Online Doctor continuously strives towards providing its users with great user experience and improving its services. Keeping this approach in mind, the company will be soon introducing ‘Concierge Services’ for its users to provide comprehensive healthcare services. These services will include ordering medicines, diagnostic laboratory work from its mobile application and having a One-Step Primary Care service provider available at all times through their smartphones.

The company strives to spread health awareness amongst the mass and ensures that world-class healthcare is available to all 24*7. I Online Doctor’s future goal is to make the world a healthier, and a happier place.

The Epitome of Success

We strongly believe that the biggest reward is a satisfied and happy customer! To this end, the continuous shower of good wishes and positive energy that we are receiving from all those we come across leaves us humbled! In particular, Akshay Kumar, a user residing in Germany was able to connect with his Family Physician in India and ensure that his health concern was in good hands”, asserts Deepak, while elaborating the most noticeable customer experience. The company is one of the few organizations who is registered as ‘Specialty Telemedicine Provider’ by the California Telehealth Resource Center.



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