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Royal Life Centers: An Accredited Facility Rendering Spotless Rehab and Detox Services

Frank Cid | Owner, Founder & CEO | Royal Life Centers | Insights Care

Established in 2009, Royal Life Centers is a renowned addiction treatment provider. Today, Royal Life Centers’ high-quality addiction treatment and aftercare can be found at eight locations across the country. They specialize in substance abuse, specific to alcohol and other drug addictions. Its full gamut of care is comprised of inpatient detoxification, residential treatment, PHP, IOP, OP, Sober Living, and aftercare/alumni programming. The centers have specifically designed its program and service delivery around the continued care necessary for staying sober.

About the Zealous leader

Frank Cid, the Owner, Founder, and the CEO, is passionate about addiction treatment and a master at organizing resources. In September of 2009, Frank Cid vowed to change the face of the substance abuse treatment industry, which gave him a kick-start to launch the center. In an area of healthcare where quality care was not the standard, he began opening expertly staffed, state-of–the-art facilities, where those seeking recovery could heal and transform their lives with dignity. In 2015, he began expanding his endeavor to change the facet of treatment and recovery by merging all of his facilities together under Royal Life Centers Florida, Arizona, Washington, and Indiana.

Frank initially started his work as a result of living in the area and watching friends and loved ones succumb to the insidious issues. Frank has a strong passion to help others. To follow his passion, he formed Royal Life Centers to fulfill the gaps in other care settings and thrived as a result. In addition to in-patient and residential settings, Frank created family accommodations to ensure that the family is actively involved throughout the treatment process and can visit their loved ones in extended care.

Astounding Services and Facilities

Royal Life Centers offers services as a multi-level treatment provider with a family of facilities (detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient), for adults 18 and older, desiring to overcome Substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. Its program utilizes evidenced-based behavioral health modalities and additionally it offers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). The centers provide trainings for their staff including but not limited to the following: HIPPA Privacy and Security Training, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Ethics and Boundaries certification, Cultural Sensitivity Training, SMART Treatment Planning, Suicide Prevention, HIV/AIDS Orientation, Blood Born Pathogen & Universal Infection control trainings, Health & Safety training, ADA training, and provision of First Aid/CPR Trainings and food safety.

Each of the centers’ facilities is a perfect blend of honesty, respect, humanism, and treats its guest as a first priority. It upholds the highest standard in substance use disorder treatment and guest care. Regarding it, Frank says, “Guests’ well-being and successful recovery is our priority, ‘Because We Care,’”.

At Royal Life Centers, guests can receive a comprehensive treatment program at every level of care: detox, residential treatment, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, aftercare, extended care, and sober living. The guests and their care are always the top priority of the centers. Royal Life Centers takes no shortcuts when it comes to providing activities, resources, amenities, or any other type of support for our guests.

Awards & Accolades

Royal Life Centers’ facilities are all dual accredited with both CARF (Commissions on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and TJC (The Joint Commission), the leading bodies for regulation drug and alcohol treatment centers. The centers are also verified with Psychology Today and LegitScript as a leading provider in the industry, who exceeds all standards for providing care. It has acquired a number of awards and following are a few of them: 

  • Recognized from Miami Children’s Hospital for its spectacular contributions of electronic tablets.
  • The centers have received accolades from many families for its “Elliot Bag” Program.

Happy Clients of Royal Life Centers

Our most spectacular client experiences are transformative,” asserts Frank, while speaking of the valuable client experiences. Royal Life Centers has had several clients who came in broken, despaired condition, while some of them were homeless. The centers have radically transformed their lives. Today, Royal Life Centers’ clients are its current employees and are working dedicatedly to help those who are still afflicted with substance abuse. Speaking about it, Frank continues, “This type of metamorphic change is our reason why we continue to do what we do. One guest was homeless 20 years, we found him during an outreach initiative and scholarshiped his treatment; he is now an employee with over a year and a half sober.”

Ensuring Patients’ Satisfaction with High Dedication

To keep a flawless track of the patients’ needs, Frank travels to each facility on a regular basis to ask his guests in person how their treatment process is going and what else is needed for them. Frank has an open door policy with staff and guests alike. Additionally, the centers have a robust team of doctors, therapists, techs, and case managers, who are all in contact and direct communication with one another to ensure no guests and no issues, are overlooked. Everyone works collaboratively together to meet all the individual needs of their guests. Frank implements and utilizes reporting tools and accountability through the key members of the organization to coordinate the operation and standard of services delivered.

Besides this, Royal Life Centers is also committed to detecting, preventing fraud, waste, and abuse. They have developed and implemented policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the laws that govern its operations as a healthcare provider as well as in-depth training for all employees. Being an organization, employees and contractors are strictly prohibited from any such conduct and if anyone is determined to have engaged in such acts, will be terminated.

Royal Life Centers Compliance Program, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training module covers:

  1. The Royal Life Centers Compliance Program
  2. The Royal Life Centers Code of Conduct
  3. The Understanding Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  4. The Laws that govern healthcare compliance
  5. How to report suspected non-compliance

Future Plans

Royal Life Centers have ongoing projects that include the evolution of mobile application for tracking the cravings of individuals participating in its MAT program. The centers are also planning to expand its roots to more states across the nation as per the vision and mission of the organization. The mission of Royal Life Centers is to provide the highest quality addiction services available as a first step towards long term healing for those struggling with the disease of addiction. Royal Life Centers envision a world where all individuals seeking recovery receive the best possible treatment in quality and practice at every licensed level of care.



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