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D’Amore Healthcare: Transforming the Landscape of Psychiatry with the Finest Healthcare Services and Training

Britten Devereux | CEO | D’Amore Healthcare | Insights Care

Located in the sunny, beach communities of Southern California, D’Amore Healthcare is an eminent healthcare center. They are a 36 bed integrative residential mental health care provider focusing on thorough screening, ongoing assessment, comprehensive treatment planning, positive reinforcements, and life-affirming professionalism. The center believes that the real D’Amore Difference lies in the story of patients dissolving self-limiting beliefs, self-regulating, finishing strong and reuniting with loved ones. D’Amore specializes in the intervention, acute stabilization and residential treatment of mental health disorders and addiction for men and women.

Besides having licenses from the Department of Social Services, the centers are certified by the Department of Health Care Services. Their diverse facilities have been a refuge for those who have experienced the stigma and suffering from mental illness and addiction. The centers focus on addressing minute details. As a result, suicide, homelessness, unemployment and broken families create less pain in local communities.

About the Veteran Leader

Mental health is the axis point to individual resilience, marketplace innovation, intimacy, and chronic disease prevention,” delivers Devereux. As one of the Founders of D’Amore Healthcare, Britten Devereux’s mission is to bring dignity into the details of healthcare. Devereux revitalizes some of healthcare’s old and demeaning ways of getting things done by building up a collaborative workforce. Managing 6 facilities that lift up integrated care, D’Amore Healthcare takes workplace cross-functionality and feedback loops to a new level. D’Amore provides all direct care associates with training around the D’Amore Difference for every task relative to job descriptions and required competencies. They strive to leave no room for interpretation or quality variance. “We ensure patients receive a level of safety and comfort that builds trust and engagement. Patient trust is our most important pursuit”, says Devereux.

Grand Canyon State University and Arizona State University Alumni, Devereux, the CEO of D’Amore Healthcare describes that, “It’s time to change the landscape of psychiatry. This starts with screening, everyday courtesies and education.” An area that Devereux spends time researching is the role screen time plays in emotional dysregulation and relationships.

Assorted Services

D’Amore Healthcare offers diverse services, such as group work, conservative detoxification, exercise, nutritional assessment, pain assessment, nutrition education, nursing plan of care and psychiatric appointments as much as needed. The centers also offer one on one therapy twice weekly, family therapy once weekly. Primary modalities include DBT therapy, CBT therapy REBT therapy and equine therapy.

Upon request, D’Amore provides training to hospitals or urgent cares throughout the United States. The main goal is “to share what we’ve learned”. Training topics include frustration tolerance, customer service, informed consent, crisis prevention, therapeutic interventions, self-care, and human learning and motivation. The center trains patients dealing with relapse through education, prime, prompt, and praise from the very first day. Early and often support is a key tenant of what they call “gracious redundancy.”

Exceptional Work Over and Above

In 2018, Devereux launched a second company, ‘Space Before Change, Inc.’ to help patients identify what they need and to increase self-efficacy through online coaching and counseling. Not everyone qualifies for inpatient care, not everyone can afford it. The stages of change for any patient promise anxiety and resistance, which can create danger or despair for most patients suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety. Many patients need a practical guide in habit development. Space Before Change helps patient find another layer of mental health care.

On asking her the way she coordinates with the team members to guarantee patient satisfaction, Devereux says, “Our unique caliber of patient care can be attributed to 3 non-negotiables: checks and balances, compassion fatigue workshops and ‘how.’ How we deliver support to staff or patients matters just as much as what we do.”

Envisaging a Content Future with Optimism

Our capital expenditures and community linkages are about looking at the long term health of families,” stated Devereux. They wish to work closely with Alaska and a handful of other states to serve adults who cannot access in-state sub-acute mental health services. D’Amore endeavors to unify others around a vision to improve public health by treating mental illness with extraordinary care. D’Amore Healthcare currently serves adult men and women who are utilizing a combination of out of pocket and/or insurance to finance treatment.



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