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Solution Based Treatment and Detox: A Lively Residential Treatment Center Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle

Scott Brown | CEO | Solution Based Treatment and Detox | Insights Care

Based in Murrieta, a suburban town in Southern California, Solution Based Treatment and Detox is an eminent organization that offers all levels of care from sub-acute detox, residential, and partial hospitalization to an intensive outpatient program. The organization treats patients at one of its six different treatment locations. Residential locations have six beds each, where clients are tended to at a ratio of two to one. Solution Based Treatment & Detox aims to expand its roots, by treating patients across various regions in the country.

It is aptly said that experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons. Similar is the story of Scott Brown, the CEO of the rehab center and how the idea of Solution Based Treatment & Detox came about. He was influenced to start a treatment center after his own journey to become clean and sober. Scott was raised around drugs and alcohol before he had the slightest idea of what they were. When he was 12 years old, his home burned down, and he bounced around to different family members. “My home life was not stable, and I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. By the age of 15, I was on my own and at the age of 20 had already experienced jail. I was in and out of jail and prison for the next 8 years,” Scott expresses.

Ultimately, at 28, he decided to revamp his life and seek treatment. During treatment the owner of the rehab center Scott was in, took a moment to talk with him because Scott was inquisitive on how to save as many lives as he possibly could, and the owner shared with Scott the dedication it took. “From that moment I started building a treatment center in my head because I knew the feeling of being clean was amazing. I knew, if I could get clean, anybody could, and I wanted everyone to know they deserve the same second chance that I got,” states Scott.

Excellent Team Delivering Diverse Services

Solution Based Treatment and Detox offers all levels of care ranging from sub-acute detox to residential treatment and (PHP) partial hospitalization program to (IOP) intensive outpatient program. Each client is assigned a counselor, a therapist, a psychiatrist as needed, and a client care coordinator. A client care coordinator helps the clients with all of their outside needs, including, but not limited to assistance with FMLA, short term disability, and acquiring everyday life skills, including assistance with tasks as simple as paying bills.

The robust treatment team at the center possesses an array of qualities and strengths which allows them to provide hands on and immersed, specialized treatment with each client. Upon asking more about the team, Brown said, “Our 2-to-1 ratio helps clients get the quality care that they need and deserve. I feel like I have a family, not just employees. We are a unified clinical and medical team that truly cares about our clients and their success.”

Abiding Laws and Following Ethical Guidelines

Solution Based Treatment and Detox has collaborated with certified partners to stay up-to-date with the newest and most current requirements of all governing bodies. The center has designated employees in place to deliver proper compliance at all times in all locations. The center recognizes and abides by all state, Federal, Joint Commission, and IMS (Incidental Medical Services) standards of practice. The center has a multifaceted approach to ensure a multitude of individuals are involved in delivering a compliant and Ethically Operated treatment facility.

Astounding Customer Satisfaction Approach

On asking him about the exceptional customer experience, Brown said, “The most spectacular experience is the change and hope in the eyes of each of our clients. A client will come in broken, beaten, discouraged, and hopeless. After being shown love, compassion, and empathy, something changes; our client’s eyes begin to light up. This change in the client’s eyes is something that cannot be articulated words. We get to witness a first-hand miracle that families have prayed for, such as, ‘Please god, give me my child back,’ or ‘Please lord I just want my wife back.’ This is our team’s most beautiful gift that they receive from working for Solutions Based Treatment and Detox.

Further, he adds, “I measure success when a client returns to my office a year later with his/her family still clean and sober, and shakes my hand and says thank you. To me, that is true satisfaction.”

Overcoming Different Mindsets and Challenges

Solution Based Treatment and Detox believes that each and every patient that walks through its doors is a different being that has endured different pains, traumas, and experiences. At Solution Based Treatment and Detox, the treatment that they need to change their lives is tailored to fit them and their personal goals. The center believes that it is pertinent to have a very specific and personal program for each client to help them reach sobriety with success.

At the center, every team member communicates to ensure the patient gets the individualized help they are desperately asking for. Team members are in place and accessible to clients, each having specific skill sets and training to assist in working thought various types of trauma.



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