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The 10 Most Ambitious Women in Business to Follow 2022

MedInformatix: A Future as Ambitious as its Past
In an industry that is in a constant state of evolution, regulatory transformation and stiff competition; it can be heartening to know that the more things change in healthcare the more they sometimes stay the same, at least when it comes to healthcare information technology and enterprise practice management....

Issue Profile

James Bates | AdviNow Medical Inc. | Insights Care
AdviNow Medical’s “On Call” Solution is the Future of Healthcare
Access to healthcare is an increasing global crisis. The aging population and the proliferation of chronic...
Olga Grudniak | Biolumo | Insights Care
Biolumo: Proffering Reliable and Reasonable Fast Point-of-Care Diagnostic Machine
Biolumo is involved in developing solutions for General Practitioners to quickly determine the best antibiotics...
Matt Rolfes | MedEvolve | Insights Care
MedEvolve: 20 Years of Proven Practice Management Technology
With rising patient deductibles and out of pocket expenses, practices across the country are finding...
Sheri Stoltenberg | Stoltenberg Consulting Inc. | Insights Care
Stoltenberg Consulting: Redefining Healthcare Technology through Simplified Solutions
Healthcare is in the midst of legislative and regulatory change; however the need to get better health...
Mike Sappington | TRIARQ Health | Insights Care
TRIARQ Health: Redefining Value-based Care in the New Era of Healthcare Services
TRIARQ Health, a Physician Practice Services company, partners with doctors to run modern patient-centered...
Tom A. Lucas | WinBuilt Software | Insights Care
WinBuilt Software: A Trailblazer in Providing Cutting-edge Medical Practice Management Software
Healthcare software’s assist medical practitioners in providing improved patient services. Thus, usages...


Raul Villar, Jr. | AdvancedMD | Insights Care
Integrated Workflow for the Independent Physician
In order to thrive, independent practices must continually adopt and embrace business models designed...
Terry Duesterhoeft | A D Company Americas | Insights Care
Connected Devices for Better Patient Care
While the Health IT (HIT) space has seen an incredible influx of new technology in the form of wearables,...