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WinBuilt Software: A Trailblazer in Providing Cutting-edge Medical Practice Management Software

Tom A. Lucas | WinBuilt Software | Medical Practice | Insights Care

Healthcare software’s assist medical practitioners in providing improved patient services. Thus, usages of software are increasingly becoming part of doctors’ practices. From prescribing medicines and viewing x-ray or blood reports to tracking and monitoring symptoms and patient recovery, healthcare software’s help doctors to virtually diagnose, treat, and monitor many common diseases while on the move. The popularity of healthcare software accelerated the growth of digital services. According to reports, mobile healthcare solution market itself is expected to cross $90.49 Billion by 2020 as compared to $21.17 Billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 33.7 percent.

WinBuilt Software is a renowned IT company that has built an impressive repute through its cutting-edge healthcare software services. It is founded in 2008, with the intent of creating billing solutions for different industries such as retail, law, medical, etc. On seeing a bright scope in the pharmaceutical sector, they started focusing on crafting software solutions for medical practices.

‘Docta’- A Boon for Medical Practitioners

The company initially studied the market and observed that all the available solutions were focused on hospitals and other significant practices. While the clinics of small doctors were struggling to manage a process of scheduling, billing, and e-Prescribe. To alter this situation, they created Docta, an integrated medical practice management solution that empowered small medical practitioners, in all areas, to unify their processes in a simple way where the appointment becomes a patient record, the record becomes a charge, and the cost becomes a bill/claim. Soon after its launch, WinBuilt started getting contracts from medium and large clinics to incorporate Docta as their primary software.

WinBuilt works closely with professionals of the different areas such as Family Practice, Chiropractic, Multi-Specialty, Naturopaths, and more to bring the most optimized office management ideas approved by all practices into one universal solution. Each of these professionals has contributed immensely towards the substantial development of Docta in a way that it doesn’t need different versions for managing different practices.

Insightful Leader of WinBuilt

Tom A. Lucas is the CEO and Founder of WinBuilt Software. A software engineer by profession, Tom has earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from CUNY.

According to him, the most complex problem can be solved by the simplest solution. And this free idea made him a successful professional in different companies where he served in various capacities that include- a software developer and project leader.

Since many years, Tom had an idea of starting his own company but to start a company was not at all easy as it sounds especially when the company was going nowhere trying to offer software solutions to all markets, from creating websites to developing applications for small companies or consulting for large companies. But his diligence, courage and ambitious persona led him to quit his job in 2008 to start WinBuilt Software. Tom believes there are no shortcuts in business; it’s all about growing and being ready for any challenges.

Work as an IT Troubleshooter for Clients

WinBuilt is very professional in their client-serving approach. They always give top priority to their clients when in need of solving problems which most of the time are based on lack of knowledge or when expanding their practices, mostly related to switching to a Docta247-their cloud solution. Their philosophy is not “the client comes first” that is a given, instead their philosophy is “They need us as much as we need them” so, in the technical aspect of their relationship: they help their clients in solving their complex IT problems to run their operation smooth and in an easy manner.

They always focus on customers’ requirements to cater them in the best way. Their product ‘Docta’ is widely popular among international clients and is getting used by many companies across Canada, England, and New Zealand. Their ability to understand clients concerns and apply them in next software update always makes their products useful and productive in the market.

Strive for Perfection to Stay Competent

Medical management is a very competitive sector as there are hundreds of options available in the market. To be in the race, it is mandatory to satisfy the clients need in a timely fashion. Therefore, WinBuilt always strives for perfection. The result of earning 70% of the client only from referrals is the hallmark of their products effectiveness.

“Nothing is more annoying and bothersome than a crashing program especially when you have entered information without saving it, and suddenly you get a message saying “nothing” in human terms and then it’s all gone” asserts Tom. To craft an effective piece of software, he monitors the development process of software and makes sure the production completes with an error-free product. Their quality assurance department is their USP which is devoted to making sure all features and changes run flawlessly before it gets to the public.

For them just having a good product, customer service, technical support, etc. is not everything. Staying afloat, adept management, courageous leadership, sound finances and healthy relationships based on trust are the key to attain greater heights in any business.

Current Industry Scenario from CEO Point of View

Tom sees the sector as a significant blur as he talks about this with clients all the time. Clients from all across spending their precious time trying to find a software, testing, purchasing, returning, trials of products that they want to buy but it is complicated to see the right software for the right needs and at the right price. Therefore, simplicity is the best contribution, WinBuilt offers to its clients, to make them aware and assist in choosing the right IT solution.

Future Endeavour

WinBuilt will be committed to bringing simplicity and easiness into the medical practice. To craft much better products based on newer technologies and support will be their work trajectory. They will focus their efforts on Docta247- a cloud-based version that allows practitioners to access their information at all times from any mobile device.

Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

“One of the things I’ve learned in this business is that no matter how much money you invest in it what it matters the most is how and when you do it. Patience and perfection before the first release are the keys to a solid product” asserts Tom. For his patience, professionalism and simplicity are the keys to success.



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