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Total Communicator Solutions: Leveraging Intellect and Technology, Delivering Measurable Solutions

Total Communicator Solutions
Erik Bjontegard Founder Total Communicator Solution

The tech-led world today is overwhelmed by data. With each innovation, we keep adding more to it. We all know the importance of “Big Data” and with all the new communication protocols and IoT devices and equipment – everyone will have more and more data. But this data is of no use if it can’t be processed and turned into valuable information which will form the base of further action. With data flowing-in from every corner, people are bound to ask questions: “what do we do with it?” “now what” – and “so what!?”.

To solve such questions and turn data into information and further knowledge, Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS) is building solutions that leverage technologies into a complete solution. It created the “Spark Compass” platform which takes real-world data, creates actions on the data in real-time and delivers measurable outcomes in real-time. This platform is now tested, validated, and endorsed by the world’s leading tech companies and is in use by many across the world. Expanding the company via JVs and channel partners, TCS is now able to help deploy and implement further and into new and exciting areas – in particular, health care with a focus on patient communication with particular focus on senior and assisted home care.

Real-World needs Real-Solutions

TCS was founded by Erik Bjontegard with a vision to deliver technology solutions that complement and support the best and brightest human minds in easy-to-deploy and use systems that deliver measurable results. It aims at providing a way for its customers to deliver outcomes based on data. TCS’ patented Spark Compass platform provides “Augmented Intelligence” for the clients where the system can and will deliver actions on the data – in real-time, sending these actions back into the “real world” and then measures the outcomes. This helps to gauge their systems and repeat what works, stop what didn’t, and learn from the entire process. Erik says, “It is an intelligence extension into the real world – bridging the gap between the physical and digital in real ways, ways that can be measured. Rather exciting really! …. And when one stops to think about that – there is nowhere it isn’t helpful!”

TCS works to ensure technology is adapted to people and their work, not the other way around. It uses technology to enhance and add intelligence to humans and their work, making each human able to reach more and have a bigger impact. Computers might be faster and better, but the human brain is still far more effective all-around. Extending and leveraging it to make brilliant minds able to reach many via technology is what the company is working at.

Enabled to Serve

In 2012, Erik left Qualcomm R&D on good terms recognizing the need for solutions and not just pure tech, licenses, and chips. Soon after founding TCS he created and patented his invention – the “Contextually Intelligent Communication Platform.” He then assembled his team and went on to create the Spark Compass. Since then, the team has won numerous awards and accreditations, in particular, stand out:

  • Smart America Challenge for its collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human Services and USA Presidential Fellows awarded at the US White House
  • Approval by US Department of Transportation, FAA, and Homeland Security for installation at San Diego Airport.
  • A grant in UK by InnovateUK and his Honorary Industrial Fellowship at University of Salford

Being a Norwegian, a ‘never-quit, never-lose’ attitude is instilled in Erik which motivates him and in turn the team to keep working on solutions. He says, “As the leader, visionary and founder – and innovator, I feel the need to always ask “why” and “what’s in it for me” as a user is critical. The user can be both the end-user – the patient – but just as important is the way we work with the nurses, the admins and the MDs themselves – and of course their administrators and financial teams. How can we make things better for them and their work?  And we move fast and try new things – quickly – and in secure settings.”

Keeping Pace with Technology

Erik feels that the developments in AI and GAI are amazing – as well as in Quantum Computing – particular Google’s latest Quantum computing record is beyond exciting. But –  it will take time for these elements before they will be in common use. Instead, the company is preparing for those days – all the AI and GAI in the world will need intelligent ways to communicate. From “Zero-G” to 5G to whatever Gs there will be in the future, TCS continue to work to enable communication of the knowledge and instructions in intelligent and measurable means. This attitude makes TCS not only future proof – but a part of building and connecting the future!

To be a part of the future, TCS will continue to work and maintain its values – Integrity, Honesty, Ability, and Innovate fearlessly. Erik adds, “We strive to Innovate, try fast, fail fast, fix fast. We don’t get stuck in one vertical, using one tool, but try new things – and are nimble and fast. We work with many of the largest corporations in the world where this nimbleness isn’t possible. We help them … and – we are INCLUSIVE. Instead of creating walled gardens and try to replace everything, instead, we include and integrate legacy systems. We are also modular and every new feature can be added to the platform so that everyone can benefit.”

The Globally Growing Market

TCS, by its work, has access to world leaders and senior and seasoned team members making it well-positioned to understand the intersection of technology and medical care. Many technology companies and those providing service to the medical field do some from a technology-first perspective. TCS does it the other way around; “how can we enhance to care that MDs provide”, “how can we make it more effective”? How can we deliver better support to those in need – both physical alignments and mental? The team asks all these questions to itself and builds solutions where technologies seamlessly deliver results.

Within healthcare, wellness and fitness TCS will strive to expand and grow in the USA, expand with NHS in the UK, establish in Norway and start reaching into South East Asia. It is expanding on its successes with senior care via its Alexa interface into its AI engine from senior citizens in North Somerset to seniors in care across the UK and the rest of the globe. This approach is proven and delivers results, and is now ready to expand. Working with recognized leaders and front figures such as NBA Star Kevin Love will enable distribution of knowledge such as mental health to those in need. Connecting with a patient before and after surgery, comforting and informing about conditions, reminding about medications and what to do, and when to do it will deliver better outcomes for dispatch teams at Scripps & XiMED – and any hospital and caregiver across the globe.

“We envision that always focus on outcomes, we will be successful and widely deployed. What form that will take, we don’t know, but bottom line – delivering outcomes will deliver success to all involved. As with everything, the right timing is crucial, and our time to reach and improve lives for many across the globe is right now. We can help millions, with personalized interfaces and interactions for each and everyone.” concludes Erik.



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