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Synergy eTherapy: Eradicating Mental Illness Digitally!

Synergy eTherapy
Dr. Lisa Lovelace Founder Synergy eTherapy

There is insufficient knowledge about mental health throughout the world. Mental health is as serious as any other physical health issues, but very less addressed. There have been many cases where small mental health issues escalated to depression and resulted in suicide. The number of such cases has been increasing at an alarming rate in today’s day. The symptoms of such issues are not recognized by others but to only one who is suffering from it.

Many a time, people don’t know how and whom to contact when it comes to mental health issues. Due to the busy schedule and in a race to be successful, people are left with no time for personal care. Such a hectic lifestyle can anytime lead to poor mental health. People get confused about consultation and further procedures and stress out making the situation even worse. Launched in 2016, Synergy eTherapy solves this issue with its online therapy sessions that will help outpatientseffectively manage their mental health symptoms.. The company offers a variety of online mental health therapy services to help the patient focus themselves.

The Prominent Face of Synergy eTherapy

Dr. Lisa Lovelace, the Founder of Synergy eTherapy, is a clinical psychologist. She started this reputable company with the aim of helping people suffering through mental health issues. Being an excellent psychologist, she is also a dedicated wife and mom..

She is also the co-founder of Shout Out Loud, a charity in Minneapolis, which works towards reducing the stigma of mental health and decreasing the cases of suicides. Patients often feel upset that they didn’t realize something earlier and could have made a different choice. Lisa says, “Meeting people where they are is important. No judgments. Only healing.”

After moving back from New York City to Minneapolis, Lisa started working online for mental health issues in the year 2012. She then started researching and finding ways to meet clients remotely. After a few years, a colleague from the University of Minneapolis wanted to start her own online practice, and in talking further, Lisa came up with the concept to expand her business and start an online group practice., Synergy now has 8 therapists (with a few others waiting to join) and aims at growing further.

Conquering Patients’ Heart!

Synergy eTherapy envisions to increase the number of therapists, reach all US states to serve more people, and make mental health accessible for everyone! With a mission to reduce the barriers of mental health care and increase access to treatment, Synergy eTherapy offers personalized mental health therapy to patients. The company is focused on attributes like high-quality treatment standards, exceptional clinicians, and reasonable prices.

As people love the freedom of being able to choose their own schedule, clients of Synergy eTherapy are very happy about the flexibility they get in choosing their time slot, be it night time or weekend appointment. Unlike big in-person clinics, patients can text their therapists at any point in time and have a sense of connection, which is an essential part of therapy.

Being a Telemental health provider, Synergy eTherapy provides its patients’ services to the patient at the comfort of their home. A patient can access high-quality mental health treatment via phone and video calls.

We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve because you can be in the comfort of your surroundings for your eTherapy sessions! Our flexible, convenient, and easy to use services are great for older kids, teens, families, adults, and couples. Our independent, licensed, professional therapists are waiting to work with you to help achieve your goals!” says Lisa

Synergy offers various counseling services depending on the condition and situation. This includes:

  • Anxiety Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Teen/Adolescent Counseling
  • Depression Counseling
  • Counseling for College Students
  • Counseling For Medical Conditions
  • Psychiatric Medication Management

Taking the World Online

Currently, there aren’t many mental health group practices that are solely dedicated to operating online. Being one of the firsts to build the online platform, Synergy eTherapy helps others through its own online practices. With a unique approach for therapists to join and for clients to feel taken care of, it offers a platform for quality mental health solutions along with personalized attention to all the patients.

Lisa says, “We are a multi-state company driven by the mission to help improve our healthcare system by using technology to our advantage.” eTherapy is said to have a huge impact on the people who aren’t able to connect to any in-person clinic. Synergy eTherapy is playing a major role in transforming people’s lives for a better tomorrow.

Benefits of eTherapy

As the world is seeing tremendous growth in telehealth services, mental healthcare is catching up with the pace. Amongst the myriads of benefits, four key advantages are as follows:

  • Convenient

Patients can conveniently communicate with the therapists through several mediums like phone and video chat. It is perfect for busy travelers and parents that stay at home.

  • Flexible

The appointments are flexible and can be scheduled according to the patient’s convenience. A patient can adjust his/her personal errands or even plan a local getaway without worrying about the appointment.

  • Comfortable

Whether a patient is used to online sessions or not, Synergy eTherapy makes sure that its patients are comfortable to share their problems with the therapists within their comfort zone.

  • Private and Secure

The patient’s confidentiality is taken utmost care of. Patients feel safe knowing that their personal information is private and secure with 128-bit encryption.

Conquesting the Barriers

People coming up with new concepts and inventions have to face many obstacles starting from financial support to managing the business. It is indeed a challenging path that takes a lot of dedication and investment of time and money,” asserts Lisa. She believes that no matter what the situation is, one needs to keep moving forward, learn and grow despite obstacles. She pursues all the challenges as an opportunity for learning new things.

When asked about the current scenario in mental healthcare, she expressed her thoughts saying, “This is just too big to tackle. Increase access, reduce barriers (insurance, wait times, availability, etc.), and let the consumer be in control of who they can see, no matter the mode of treatment.” She firmly agrees that mental health care and advancement in technology always go hand in hand. It is necessary to keep a keen watch on new and emerging technologies in mental health care and evolve along with it.

Stepping into the Future

Synergy eTherapy’s main purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible and educate them about the intensity of the issues in mental healthcare. Since 2016, the company has impacted society in many ways. It further wants to reach out to the world and eliminate this critical health situation. “We just want to continue to grow with therapists and clients and ensure our communities have access to high-quality health care,” concludes Lisa.



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